Handmade Unique Wind Chimes

by Becky Lower
Wind chimes are one of the easiest projects for the DIY crafter.

Wind chimes are one of the easiest projects for the DIY crafter.

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There is nothing more soothing than listening to wind chimes on a breezy spring or summer day. Chimes create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere to enhance your outdoor living space. Wind chimes are an easy project for the beginning crafter. You can customize unique handmade chimes to match your own tastes and ears. Experiment with different materials to find the right tone.

Pick a Theme

You can use items you already own to make a wind chime. Old silverware, seashells, PVC pipe, bottle caps, metal tubes, bamboo sticks, bits of glass, old tools or keys and small stones are examples of items you can use. Pick a material that, when struck, makes a noise you can hear across a room. Choose a material that is fairly weatherproof and one which will not shatter when struck.

Select the Tone

Play with different materials to find a tone that is appealing to you. Soft metals like copper will produce a mild and gentle tone while hard metals make a louder sound. Small lengths of pipe or stick will create a sharper sound. For a tubular chime, select tubes of different lengths to produce a variety of tones and arrange them so the sound created by each complements the ones next to it.

Select the Clapper

The clapper is the center piece of the chime, which strikes the various tubes or pieces of the chime. It should be light enough to move in the breeze, and be made from a different material than the chimes for the best effect. You'll need to add a weight block at the bottom for the best effect.

Put It All Together

To assemble a chime, you will need fishing line, a turnbuckle, a round or square plate from which to hang the chimes (fence post caps are good for this), the chimes, and a weight of some kind for the clapper. Drill holes in the edges of the plate for each chime and one in the center for the clapper. Drill holes in each chime, about 1 to 2 inches from the top. Run fishing line through each chime and attach them to the plate. Attach the clapper in the center. Attach the turnbuckle at the top of the plate and hang your work up for everyone to admire.

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