Handmade Solo Cup Christmas Light Balls

by Allison Horky
Clear plastic cups create a bright, glowing ball.

Clear plastic cups create a bright, glowing ball.

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A Solo cup Christmas light ball utilizes transparent plastic cups secured in a ball and hooked up to Christmas lights. When turned on, the light refracts through the transparent plastic and glows the color of the cups. Using low-cost Solo cups lets you make a sparkling decoration at a fraction of the price charged in retail stores.


Drill one hole in the center of each Solo cup with an electric drill. You are creating a spot for the mini-lights to poke through once the ball is put together. Drill two holes if you want to double the amount of lights used in the center of the ball. Making one hole requires one strand of lights with two holes needing two strands of lights.

Making the Ball

Lay 12 Solo cups side-by-side, naturally creating a circle. The openings of the cups, the larger ends, should face outward. The bottoms of the cups should face toward the center of the circle. If the cups are moving around, use clothes pins to hold the edges together. Staple the edges of the cups along the lips until all of the cups are affixed to each other. Repeat this process, creating a circle of nine cups and four cups. Place each smaller circle on top of the large circle and staple the edges together. This is the first half of the light ball. Repeat steps one through three to create the other half of the light ball. The two halves are not attached yet.

The Lights

Insert one mini-light into each hole in the bottoms of the cups. If the lights are moving around too much, use a small piece of clear tape to hold the wire to the bottom of the cup. Do this for both halves of the light ball. Place one-half of the light ball on top of the other and staple the edges together, making sure to leave the plug end of the light strands hanging outside of the ball.

Hanging the Ball

Drill another hole in the side of any of the cups and attach the ribbon to the ball. Plug the lights in and hang the ball from any secure post or ceiling fixture. The ball can also be secured to the top of a post. You can also create many light balls and populate your entire porch or front yard with glowing balls of colored lights.

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