Handmade Sea-Themed Baby Shower Invites

by Blair Foy
Start a new baby off with a love of the ocean by hosting a sea-themed baby shower.

Start a new baby off with a love of the ocean by hosting a sea-themed baby shower.

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Whether inspired by parents who love the water, live near the ocean or just have nautical taste, handmade sea-themed baby shower invitations set the tone with a the seafaring theme for your guests on their invitations. Depending upon your level of craftiness, you can make multiple types of invitations incorporating an ocean theme.

Seashell Print

Make an elegant baby shower invitation that features seashells with a few simple steps. Use either a white, ivory or pearl shade of sturdy cardstock with a matte finish. Use rubber stamps with different types of seashells on them. Press the stamps into a light-blue ink pad and place them where you feel it appropriate on the invitation. Be sure to factor in enough space to include the shower information. Press a seashell stamp on the outside of the invitation envelope.

Under-the-Sea Mermaid Cards

Accomplished artists can make under-the-sea mermaid cards for baby shower invitations. On whatever size cardstock you desire, sketch out an ocean floor with coral, seashells and seaweed. Add seahorses and small fish in the water. Sketch a baby swimming with snorkel gear on as well as a diaper. Paint the sketches in whatever color theme goes with your shower. If the mother knows the baby's sex, the invitation can be themed with boy or girl colors. A gender-neutral theme is sufficient if the parents are choosing to be surprised. These cards will require some time to paint, and for this reason are most applicable for a more intimate shower with a smaller number of guests; you'll be painting only a small number of invites versus a large quantity. The handmade quality of the baby shower invitations will make them a keepsake for the guests and, most importantly, the mommy-to-be.

"Little Squirt" Invitations

Create "little squirt" invitations with scrapbook paper and cardstock. Choose a sturdy white cardstock for the card base. Use blue scrapbook paper to cut out an ocean that will cover the bottom three-fourths of the card. Cover the top with a nautical or baby-themed scrapbook paper. Cut a whale out of dark blue paper and glue it onto the card. Use white paper to cut out the splash from the whale's blow hole. Add the information about the baby shower for the new "little squirt" who is soon to arrive. Embellish the card as you deem necessary with additional fish, a ship or bubbles in the ocean water.

"Brand-New Fish" Invitiations

With construction paper, glitter, white glue and blue cardstock, you can create adorable "brand-new fish" baby shower invitations to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. Cut out various colors of small fish and glue them on the cardstock. Once the glue is dried, put a thin layer of glue on each fish. Sprinkle glitter onto the fish and shake off the card. When the cardstock is completely dry, add the baby shower information.

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