Handmade Prom Wrist Corsage

by Sophia Sola
Making a corsage is a fun project for before prom.

Making a corsage is a fun project for before prom.

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Prom is a night to go all out, but with the expense of a dress, a trip to the salon, a fancy dinner and a limo ride, you might want to save a little money where you can. Luckily, homemade wrist corsages aren't difficult to make, and can even look better than store-bought corsages. You can completely personalize a handmade corsage to match your dress and your personality.


Both fake and real flowers will work for a homemade prom wrist corsage. Fake flowers will create a corsage that lasts years and can be reused for future events or passed on to a younger friend for her prom. You can even wear a fake flower corsage with a casual outfit on an ordinary day for a little glamorous flair. However, real flowers have a scent and sensuous beauty that cannot be imitated, so for a truly special evening, go with the real thing. Choose flowers that complement the colors of your outfit.

Wrist Strap

Wrist straps for homemade corsages can be made of several different materials. Each has benefits and drawbacks. A simple ribbon tied onto the wrist is sexy, but the knot can loosen and then you'll be dealing with a distracting corsage all evening. A colored elastic band makes a good corsage holder, and the material is easy to find, but it can come off looking tacky if it is not made specifically for show. A fancy stretchy bracelet can be transformed into a wrist corsage, and the right one will augment your outfit nicely, but these can get pricey. However, since you will be using a roll of floral tape to assemble your corsage anyway, consider using the plastic circle that comes at the center of the roll -- just snip the circle, wrap it in ribbon, and you'll be well on your way to homemade elegance.


There are two main strategies in attaching the flowers to the wristband. You can arrange the flowers together first with floral tape, and then attach them to the wristband, or you can attach the flowers one by one to the wristband, starting with the larger flowers, and then filling in the miniature bouquet with smaller flowers wherever they fit. Floral tape, floral wire, hot glue and corsage pins are all good materials to keep close at hand during corsage assembly.


There are many tips for making sure that your corsage is the best it can be on prom night. Floral tape wrapped around the stems of your flowers will make the stems easier to bend and work with. Adding baby's breath flowers at the very end of assembly will provide a special touch. Fresh roses wilt relatively quickly, so if you use them, don't assemble your corsage until right before prom. For a corsage that truly stands out, incorporate leaves cut from leather into the base of the corsage.

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