Handmade July 4th Party Invitations

by Erin Ringwald
Design an invitation to meet your July 4th party needs.

Design an invitation to meet your July 4th party needs.

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On July 4, 1776, in Pennsylvania the Continental Congress declared the United States an independent nation free from England's oppressive rule. Since that day, Americans celebrate the nation's independence with fireworks, parades, picnics and patriotic pride. If you are planning your own celebration, make your own Fourth of July invitations with little effort and customize them to fit your party needs.


Make a batch of sugar cookies to create your own invitations. Either use your favorite recipe or utilize store-bought dough. Roll the dough out and use cookie cutters to create Fourth of July-themed cookies, such as flags or Uncle Sam top hats. Once the cookies bake and cool, use colored frosting to decorate them. Frost them solid red, white or blue and then decorate them with red, white and blue frosting with a piping bag. For additional details, utilize metallic-colored nonpareils. Place the finished cookies into cellophane bags and tie them closed with red, white and blue ribbon. Hand-deliver the cookies with a piece of card stock with party details written on it.


Utilize cookie cutters to create shapes out of card stock. Place flag- or star-shaped cookie cutters on pieces of heavy card stock. Trace the cookie cutter and then cut out the shape. Utilize red and blue pens to write the invitation information. Place the completed cards inside an envelope. Add a pinch of red, white and blue glitter or confetti to the envelope before sealing.

Folded Cards

If you prefer a more traditional invitation design, fold a piece of card stock in half. Decorate the front of the invitation using a patriotic-themed rubber stamp. Press the stamp into a red or blue ink pad and press it to the front of the card stock. When applying the stamp, press straight down and then lift it straight up to prevent the ink from smearing. Write the party details inside the card before mailing.


Create your own postcards using your favorite Fourth of July-themed photograph, such as a picnic, fireworks or a parade. Either use a photograph from a free photo sharing website or take your own. Print the photographs at home or at your local drugstore. On the back of the photograph, write the recipient's address on the right side and the party details on the left. Mail the photographs as you would a store-bought postcard.

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