Handmade Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations

by Sarah Freeman
Use an ice skate as inspiration for your homemade invitation.

Use an ice skate as inspiration for your homemade invitation.

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The theme is set, the rink is reserved, and you've created the guest list -- but before your ice skating birthday party can hit the ice, you'll need to welcome guests to the festivities with an ice skating-themed invitation. While you can buy an invitation from the store, save some money and flex your creativity by making these cards at home. The invitation will set the tone for the rest of the party, so have fun while designing one-of-a-kind creations.

Stamps and Stickers

Bring out the ice skating theme by using stamps and stickers to decorate the invitations. Go to a craft store and browse the selection of paper adornments. Also, buy a paper in an ice skating-inspired color, such as icy blue or a white material with sparkles that looks like snow. Cut the paper into rectangles that will fit in envelopes. Use a colored marker to write the party information. Decorate around the words with the ice skating decorations. For added bling, outline the border of each invitation with a glitter pen or rhinestones.


Create an invitation that looks as icy as the rink you and your guests will be skating over. Start with a white rectangular piece of card stock paper. Write the invitation information on the card using a black or dark blue pen. Add an ice skate somewhere in the design, too, or draw ice skate tracks across the card. When the card design is finished, wrap the paper with clear or blue-colored cellophane. The glossy covering will make the entire invitation look as though it's made of ice.

Skate Shaped

Skate-shaped cards are another invitation you can make at home before the birthday party. Start with a white card stock paper and cut it into the shape of the shoe part of an ice skate. Write the invitation information in this space. Punch a series of holes where the laces should go and thread a ribbon through them, tying a decorative bow on top. Create the blade of the ice skate by cutting a piece of card stock into the appropriate shape. Cover it with aluminum foil to give it a metal shine. Attach the blade to the bottom of the skate invitation with two vertical strips of card stock and tape or glue.


Not every invitation has to be made solely from paper. Give your guests a party favor before the party even begins by creating a scarf invitation. Buy a fleece material in a pattern such as snowflakes or solid blue. Cut the fabric into strips that are about 4 feet long and a foot wide. Snip 4-inch-long fringe into the bottom of each end. Tie a knot at the top of each fringe piece to complete the scarf. On a flashcard-size paper, write the invitation information. Pin it on the scarf and hand deliver the invitation to each guest.

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