Handmade or Homemade Wedding Invitations

by Tamiya King
Choose a font in your computer to add elegance to your wedding invitations.

Choose a font in your computer to add elegance to your wedding invitations.

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Giving your loved ones handmade or homemade wedding invitations is a way to add you own sense of inventiveness to the invitations, and could help to keep you within your wedding budget. Include the colors and style of your wedding in the invitations you create to present guests with an item they can use as a keepsake even before the ceremony.

Picture Invitations

Use a picture of you and your future spouse, like a photo of the two of you holding hands or sharing a kiss, as the main feature on your wedding invitation. Save the photo onto your computer and give it the edits and color finish you want, such as adding more intense color to the background or lending a sepia finish to the picture for a timeless feel. Purchase invitation stock paper in one of your wedding colors to write or type the invitation details on, and attach the picture to the other side of the invitation. Add finishing touches like colored synthetic feathers to the corners of the invitation, adding a satin ribbon border, or spraying the invitation with colored glitter.

Mini Bouquets

Select mini synthetic flowers that look like the ones you'll carry in your bridal bouquet to create a bouquet that will be the main feature of your wedding invitations. For instance, choose small synthetic lilies and spray paint them in gold or silver to coordinate with your wedding decor. Tie each bunch of flowers together with platinum-colored ribbon, and choose stock paper to write or type the ceremony and reception specifics on. Punch a hole in the invitation paper after writing or typing the appropriate details on the invitation, and weave the ribbon ends through the hole before tying a knot to secure it.

Message in a Bottle

Choose the invitation stock paper in the color of your choice, along with small glass bottles with cork tops to create message-in-a-bottle invitations for your wedding. These are ideal for outdoor weddings, or for a ceremony and reception with a classic romantic theme, e.g. large red rose flower arrangements and napkins that resemble love letters. Use a calligraphy pen to write the wedding details on the stock paper, like the time, date, location and RSVP information, before rolling the paper into the shape of a scroll and fitting it into the bottle. If the wedding has a summery or beach theme, place colored sand or small seashells in the bottle for visual appeal.

Shaped Invitations

Use stencils and a paper cutter to create wedding invitations that are completely customized for you and your spouse-to-be. For instance, use colorful invitations in hot pink or lime green in the shape of your new family initial to invite your family members to an upbeat wedding celebration they won't soon forget. Cut red, white or pink invitation paper into the shape of a heart for a wedding on or near Valentine's Day, or create an invitation in the shape of a cross for a ceremony with a religious theme. You can further accent the invitations by spraying them with glitter or adding a border made of silk ribbon.

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