Handmade Guitar Pick Holder

by Matt Gerrard
Sliding picks between the strings is unreliable and can cause excessive wear to the strings.

Sliding picks between the strings is unreliable and can cause excessive wear to the strings.

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Guitar picks can be problematic when it comes to storage. When you aren't using them, they clutter up every surface, but when you come to need one, you're either scrabbling with fingernails to pick one up from a smooth tabletop or struggling to find one at all. There are several DIY storage solutions that can keep your picks easily accessible whenever you need them.


Pick-holding pendants and necklaces are easily available online, but not hard to replicate. The concept is simple and flexible enough to be produced at home, making an ideal personalized gift. The pick needs to be removable, so placing it in a pouch or clamp is preferable to drilling a hole in it and attaching directly to a pendant. Popular designs include a bent metal frame that the pick can be slid into from the top, or two pieces of triangular leather with a horizontal slit that forms a pocket.

Microphone Stand

Take a long plastic clip used to bind the edges of documents together. Cut a strip of 3 mm foam board to the same length as the binder, but 2 to 3 mm wider. Tuck the strip in between the "jaws" of the binder and it will work as a shim to make the opening tight enough to hold the picks. The foam surface will also help to grip the shiny surface. The strip can now be affixed to the side of a microphone stand.


For a pocket pick holder, take a matchbox, the kind with a sliding inner tray surrounded by a sleeve. Take a piece of low-density foam, the really squishy kind you find inside instrument flight cases, and glue a rectangle of it into the tray of the matchbox. It should be level with the sides of the tray so it completely fills it. Compress the foam and put a stack of picks into the tray before replacing the outer sleeve. Sliding the sleeve down, then back up again, will "serve" a pick from the slot at the end of the box. Wrap the tray and sleeve in electrical tape to make it last longer.

Guitar Body

A popular improvised pick holder can be created using a few pieces of electrical tape stuck to the guitar's body. Take a single strip, about 7.5 cm long, and fold it in half along its length so that the adhesive surface is stuck to itself. Lay this piece on the body of the guitar, and secure it along its lower edge with a second piece of tape. Add two more vertical strips at either end to create a U-shaped box. The horizontal bottom that uses the folded-over piece can be used to tuck the picks behind. The lack of adhesive on this surface means picks won't get stuck.

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