Handmade Graduation Party Favors

by Edith Quinn

Whether your child is graduating from middle school or college, help her to celebrate a major achievement in her life by throwing a graduation party. Deciding to make handmade graduation party favors will help to keep your party within budget. Making handmade items will also personalize your event and make your guests feel part of the graduate's special day. You have many options when making your own handmade graduation party favors.


Delight your guests by giving out small jars of candy of your graduate's school colors. Making this guest favor will save you time when you have little to spare. Buy small jam jars and fill them with candy bought at a bulk food or candy store. Jelly beans, gumdrops and colored chocolate candy can be used. Design labels that include your child's name, school and graduating date. Finish by wrapping two ribbons -- each of the school's colors -- around the lids of the candy jars.


Regardless of age, everyone can use bookmarks. Handy, small and portable, they make practical favors that your guests will use. To make your bookmarks, print several inspirational and thought-provoking quotes on card stock. Laminate before using a paper cutter to make your bookmarks straight. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark to thread a tassel made with yarn in the same color as your child's school's color. To personalize your bookmarks, include your child's photos during the design stage.


Homemade cookies make for good guest favors as they are made from the heart. Plus, graduating cookie ideas are endless. By using a simple shortbread cookie recipe you can cut the dough into various graduation shapes, including graduation caps. Another option is to decorate cookies with your child's monogram and graduation year. Place cookies in small pastry boxes or decorative cookie tins and tie a pretty bow around the box before presenting them to your guests.


Show your appreciation to your guests by giving them thank you notes rolled up as graduation scrolls. Have your child write handwritten notes to all party guests, thanking them for the support and encouragement that he was given during his school career. When planning a graduating party for a younger child, get him to draw colorful pictures instead of writing notes. When everyone is departing the party have the graduate personally present the scrolls to his guests.

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