Handmade Double Bongo Drums

by Rebecca Mayglothling
A simple single bongo drum.

A simple single bongo drum.

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Bongo drums are small drum sets that are hit with the hands rather than sticks. These drums rest on tabletops or in the arms of the users. The instrument is rather simple and can be recreated easily at home. The required materials are often found around the house, and the resulting drum set is appropriate for children or adults.

Necessary Materials

The materials needed to create homemade bongo drums include oatmeal or coffee containers with lids, paper, scissors, crayons, glue and ribbon. Alternate materials include bamboo strips or wood pieces to line the sides of the drums instead of paper and brown rope instead of ribbon to tie the top of the drum set. Replacing the paper and the ribbon gives the drums a more "adult" look.

Creating Separate Drums

Create the drums separately. Begin by gluing the lid onto the container. If the drums are intended for a child, allow the child to decorate the paper and glue her creation to the perimeter of the coffee can or oatmeal container. For adult drums, decorate the paper or use bamboo strips or wood pieces glued to the side of the containers. Tie ribbon or rope around the top of the drums, under the lid line, to decorate them.

Joining Drums

Drums need to be joined at the base. This can be done with rope, whether the drums are for children or adults. Tie rope or string around the base of each drum, gluing the rope on each side of the drum to secure it. Tie a rope or string to the string on the base of one drum; then, extend the rope to the base of the second drum and tie. Glue the knots and any areas that seem weak around the base of the drum set.

Playing with the Bongos

Hit the lid with your hands to create a hollow sound. The new instrument is useful for child's play or for a handmade adult band. If the drums begin to come apart, use stronger glue, such as wood glue for bamboo or super glue for the strings. Transport the instrument by holding both drums to ensure that the strings do not come apart.

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