Handmade Crocheted Teddy Bear

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Use a single crochet stitch to make a teddy bear.

Use a single crochet stitch to make a teddy bear.

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Teddy bears are beloved by many children, and they are often kept even into adulthood. As a favorite toy and a comforting friend, a teddy bear needs to be soft yet durable. Make a personal crocheted teddy bear for yourself or loved one; patterns are readily available and often free on the Internet.


The materials used for crocheting, particularly the size of needles required, depend on the size of the teddy bear. Choose a worsted-weight yarn, which is the most common yarn and is of medium weight. Choose a typical brown color or any other shade. Only a small amount of yarn is required; one skein is plenty. Pick a cotton yarn or a blend that is soft. Stuffing such as quilt batting, a tapestry needle, size F crochet hook and size G crochet hook are also needed.

Crochet Stitches

In most patterns, abbreviations are used for the various stitches. "Ch" stands for a chain stitch, in which you make a slip loop in your thread, put the crochet hook through the loop and pull the yarn through. Single crochet is abbreviated "sc," which is one of the most popular stitches used. To do a single crochet, skip the first chain stitch and insert the crochet hook in the second chain stitch; with your other hand, bring the yarn over the hook from back to front and hook the yarn. Bring the yarn through the chain stitch, and you will have two loops on the hook. Once again, bring the yarn over the hook from back to front and bring it through both the hooks on the loop. Other abbreviations include "tog," which stands for together, "st" for stitches and "rnd" for round.


When you crochet an animal, make one part at a time, and attach the pieces together. This method also allows you to stuff the bear with quilt batting or other stuffing before attaching the limbs. Use a different color yarn to make the eyes, nose and mouth. Embroider the face onto the head or use buttons or other notion. Be creative with your teddy bear; crochet clothes or sew buttons on the front for a mock shirt.


Do a few trial stitches and rows before tackling the teddy bear project, especially if you have never crocheted before. The single crochet stitches can become uneven and twisted if you are not careful. Be imaginative with your color choices; brown teddy bears are traditional, but consider a bright color or using a different color for the arms and feet than what you use for the body. Several different patterns enable you to tailor the bear to the recipient's taste; make a ballerina, panda, holiday, graduation or valentine bear.

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