Handmade Crocheted Skirts

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Learn some basic crochet stitches from a relative or friend.

Learn some basic crochet stitches from a relative or friend.

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Update your wardrobe and add a personal touch by crocheting your own clothes. Skirts are an essential part of most women's closets and women often look for items that are different or include charming details like flowers or a lace design. Purchase a pattern for your skirt and find a yarn you like. If you do not yet know how to crochet, practice with a few types of basic stitches to help get you started. Have fun and you will end up with a garment you love to wear.

Choosing Yarn

Yarn choice demands some preparation. You should choose your pattern before going yarn shopping, so you know exactly how much to buy. The label of the yarn tells you much of the information you need to know, such as the fiber content, weight, length, color, care instructions and suggested hook size. Your pattern also tells you suggested yarns to look for. Feel the yarn and ask yourself if it is soft or not; you want a yarn you could have touching your skin and that you could sit in. Think about the fabric content; cashmere will feel great but a heavy weight wool is probably too itchy. Look at the length and pick up as many skeins as you need to finish your project. You might have some yarn left over but you can always use extra yarn for other projects.


Patterns for long, short, tiered, pleated, lacy or other style skirts exist. Look through pattern books until you find one that you like. Alternatively, make your own pattern by taking your measurements (waist, hip and skirt length). Make a gauge swatch to test your hook size and yarn. For a simple skirt, 10 stitches should be about 3 inches long and 8 rows will be about 2 inches. Multiply your hip measurement times three (because there are about three stitches in each inch) and you have the amount of stitches you need for the widest part of your skirt. Your starting row should be about 8 fewer stitches; you will increase and decrease the amount of stitches to match your waist and hip measurements. Adjust the number of rows you stitch to match your desired skirt length.

Basic Crochet Stitches

Crochet patterns use many abbreviations for the types of stitches used. The abbreviation "ch" stands for chain stitch, in which you start with a loop on a hook, you hook the yarn and pull it through. Slngle crochet is abbreviated as "sc," where you insert a hook into a foundation stitch, yarn over the hook and pull it through the stitch so you have two loops on the hook, yarn over again and pull it through both loops. Other abbreviations include "st" for stitch, "tog" for together, "hdc" for half double crochet, "dc" for double crochet and "tc" for triple crochet.


Purchasing a pattern have an advantage -- you possess guidelines for hook size and the amount of yarn required. For beginners, using a pattern could make the project easier. Your pattern also tells you the difficulty level of the project; do not tackle an "advanced" project if you are a beginner. If you draft your own pattern, make a gauge swatch for every stitch pattern you use for your skirt to make sure the sizing will be right. Practice some stitches with extra yarn before undertaking your project.


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