Handmade Crocheted Afghans and Throws

by Suzie Faloon
A full-size afghan is as big and warm as a blanket.

A full-size afghan is as big and warm as a blanket.

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Afghans and throws have a dual purpose. They are decorative pieces that are useful for bed covers and a warm wrap-around during cold weather. There are literally thousands of crochet patterns and techniques for these colorful blankets, crib and lap covers. You can make and enjoy a basic afghan stitch pattern to an intricate and elegant shell stitch lace baby carriage coverlet.

Baby Afghans

Select soft pastel-colored yarn to make a baby bassinet or crib afghan. Make a warm baby carriage blanket using a Victorian Lace patten that is elegant enough for a christening. Graph a filet crochet pattern to incorporate angel, teddy bears or the baby's name into the soft crib covering. Crochet the Flower Power afghan for a very colorful baby shower gift that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Strips and Stripes

A large number of afghan patterns are made by crocheting them in strips of color. The strips are crocheted together during the process or after they are individually completed. The Mile-a-Minute afghan is made in long strips while the Chevron and Ripple stitch afghans are done in a zig-zag pattern. The Broomstick afghan pattern is a technique that uses a combination of crochet and wrapping yarn around a piece of broomstick or dowel rod to create lacy stripes.

Pieced Afghans and Throws

Many afghans and throws are made using shapes including squares, hexagons, triangles and circles. The pieces are made using a variety of techniques and colors. These are great projects for a portable craft. The classic Granny Square is made using matched colors or remnants from other yarn projects. Colorful 3-ply yarns are incorporated into squares which are crocheted together to create a throw with fringe or a blanket sized afghan. Shapes are the foundation for a pinwheel, log cabin, snowflake and quilt-like sampler afghans.

Floral Afghans

Some patterns incorporate colorful gardens of flowers into handmade afghans and throws. Individual roses, daisies, daffodils and dimensional blossoms are crocheted in separate pieces before being linked together for a blanket-sized covering. A person who is experienced in crochet can choose to make an intricate pattern such as the Rose Trellis, which uses multi-petaled dimensional roses that are set into blocks. Embed flower shapes into a smooth textured afghan or throw by using the filet crochet technique.

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