Handmade Chimes

by Jen Kim
Wind chimes make beautiful decorations and also provide soothing sounds.

Wind chimes make beautiful decorations and also provide soothing sounds.

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Wind chimes make beautiful decorations for a household and also provide sweet tinkling sounds to perk up any mood. Craft your own simple, yet elegant, wind chimes, using materials and supplies you probably already have in your home. These inexpensive homemade crafts also make mellifluous gift ideas for loved ones.

Seashell Wind Chime

Make your own creative ocean-inspired wind chime using seashells. Purchase seashells from any craft store or go hunting for these treasures on the beach. Use a drill or a screwdriver to carefully make holes in each shells. String the shells on a piece of twine or fishing wire, tying knots between each one. Create several strings of shells. Tie the top ends of the strings to a piece of driftwood or a branch and knot to secure. Cut a long piece of twine and tie both ends around the opposite ends of the branch to make a handle.

Clay Pot Windchime

Use variously-sized flower pots to make a pretty wind chime for the garden. You'll need three to four clay pots, each slightly bigger than the next. Decorate the pots with paint, glitter or stickers. Cut a long piece of sturdy twine or jute and insert one end through the smallest pot. String a bead onto the string inside the pot and knot, so the bead stays in place. Tie a knot outside of the pot and then string the next pot on the string. Continue adding the larger clay pots onto the string, separating each with a knot -- the knots keep each pot into place. After the final pot has been strung, tie the remainder of the twine into a loop knot to hang.

Silverware Windchime

Give new life to old forks, spoons and knives by turning them into pretty and artistic wind chimes. Either drill holes into the metal using a power drill, or wrap the ends of the utensils securely with fishing wire. Tie the free ends of the wires to a long wooden spoon. Hang the silverware at different lengths so the utensils will clink and make a variety of sounds. Tie a piece of ribbon, or use more fishing wire, around the wooden spoon to make a loop to hang.

Plastic Lid Wind chime

Remove the clear plastic lids from five to seven jars and cans. On each lid, draw a simple shape, such as a leaf or a circle, and cut it out. Use a sharp knife to make holes at the top and bottom of the shapes and string a piece of fishing wire through both holes. Tie knots at both ends. Then tie a jingle ball at the bottom of each piece of string. Fasten the top of the string to a long piece of wood by tying it into a knot. Tie and knot a string to both ends of the wood to make a handle.

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