Handmade Beadworked Necklace

by Shae Hazelton
Creating beaded necklaces is a craft you can enjoy with your family.

Creating beaded necklaces is a craft you can enjoy with your family.

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Handmade jewelry such as beaded necklaces have a long history. Today, you have a wide array of different options for constructing your beaded necklace, but the basic concept is the same as what ancient peoples used to construct their necklaces. You may find that the process for modern construction is more convenient, though, because you don't have to do the bead crafting by hand.


The tradition of crafting beaded necklaces goes back far into history. It predates modern conveniences in the craft such as plastic beads, stone-cutting materials and elastic string. In fact, according to Paul Rincon, a report for BBC news, there are beads that may be up to 100,000 years old. The jewelry had a wide range of uses from being simple decorations to playing important parts in religious ceremonies of ancient civilizations.


Planning the necklace is the first step of the creation process to ensure symmetry and attractiveness. Think about the color scheme you want for the necklace, the kind of shapes you want and how you would like it to drape over your collar line. For example, if you want it to stay light and drawn tightly around your neck, you want to choose beads that won't weigh it down or put an unnecessary strain on your throat.


You have no shortage of materials when you look for your beads. You can purchase plastic beads, polished stones, teeth, seashells, recycled materials as well as many more options. You don't necessarily need to purchase your beads, though. Search the area around your home to find interesting items you can include in your necklace. For example, pebbles from a nearby creek, self-discovered arrowheads or shells from the ocean make serviceable beads for your handmade necklace.


While the members of ancient civilizations would often make their string from animal sinew, you have a much wider variety of materials at your disposal. You have elastic string, wire, plastic wire, lace, cotton string and many others. These options allow for maximum comfort and optimal fit of your beaded necklace. If you notice discomfort from your current necklace string, you can release the beads and replace it with something better suited to your sensitive skin.

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