Handmade Bachelorette Party Invitations

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Consider using calligraphy to create bachelorette invitations.

Consider using calligraphy to create bachelorette invitations.

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The bachelorette party represents the last hurrah of single life for the bride-to-be, and friends of the woman usually give her gifts and plan events intended to make her blush a little with embarrassment. These gifts can include items such as lingerie or shot glasses with funny or suggestive sayings on them. If you're planning a bachelorette party, make some handmade bachelorette invitations that reflect the spirit of fun intended for this occasion.


Decoupage crafts are simple crafts that sometimes produce stunning results. Decoupage is the process of gluing a photo or illustration onto an item like a book or cardboard box and then coating the project with a glue-and-water mixture. To use decoupage page to decorate your bachelorette party invitations, buy some small photo books at the dollar store; look for books that hold 10 photos or fewer. Look for graphics that fit a bachelorette party such as the line drawing illustrations from a lingerie catalog. Cut out the illustrations and glue to the front. Cut out letters from the magazines to write the information about the party on the front of the book. Decorate the inside of the book with card stock inserts giving the details of the party. Fill the extra pages with photos of the bride and groom. Send them in oversized envelopes.


For the person who used to like cut-out art as a kid, this craft offers the same appeal. To create this invitation, make a pattern of a bikini. Make the two parts of the bikini large enough to write on and make the strip that connects to the two pieces at least 1 inch wide. Also make sure that the width of the bikini is not longer than the standard greeting card envelope. Get some card stock paper. Trace the pattern of the bikini onto the card stock, making enough invitations for each person who's invited to the bridal shower. Write the information about the party on the other side of the bikini top.


Making collage bachelorette party invitations gives you the chance to create a different design for each invitation. The raw materials for the invitations can come from the pages of women's magazines, lacy doilies, sequins and glitter. Cut out the different images from the magazines you're going to use for each invitation. Get some card stock paper and a box of stationery envelopes. Glue the pictures, craft items and glitter onto the front and insides of the invitation. Finish off with a few stamps from a rubber stamp. Stuff in an envelope.


Calligraphy is an art form in its own right. The fancy swirl of the letters made by the calligraphy pen produce graphics that look like pictures or designs. If you'd like to create a bachelorette invitation that's a little simpler to make, consider calligraphy. Many books on calligraphy exists as do pen sets. Buy stationery paper with an interesting texture. Include all of the information about the bachelorette party, and make matching name cards for the guests and place cards done in the calligraphic style to complete the party's look.

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