Free Handcrafted Baby Shower Game Ideas

by Kent Page McGroarty
Plan fun games everyone will enjoy with no expense for you.

Plan fun games everyone will enjoy with no expense for you.

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Planning a baby shower requires time, energy, and money for decorations, food, invitations and party favors. Rather than spending additional money on games and game pieces, make your own versions of baby shower games using items you already own, including classic games with baby shower twists.

Dress Up Games

Play baby dress up games with your guests. Collect baby dolls from your friends' children and your own children. Prior to the shower, undress the dolls. Assemble teams and give each team assorted clothing items such as T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, necklaces and anything else you can think of. The team with the funniest baby at the end of the time allotted wins; the mother-to-be can pick the winner. The same type of game can also be played using guests as the babies with other guests having to dress them up in huge cloth diapers, baby bonnets, and bibs.

Naming and Guessing Games

Naming and guessing games are two easy and free baby shower game ideas. Guests see how many baby items they can write down in two to five minutes. The guest with the most correct items wins; guests that make up goofy baby items can win prizes for "Most Creative." A variation of this game is to have a number of items in paper bags. Pass the bags around. After everyone has had a chance to feel the items in the bags (no peeking), guests record as many of the items as they can remember in a set amount of time. Another guessing game includes filling a plastic baby bottle with safety pins or small baby toy pieces with the guest who guesses the correct amount or closest amount winning the game. Of course, all prizes go to the mother-to-be at the end of the shower.

Classic Games With Baby Shower Twist

Classic game ideas with a baby shower spin include versions of "hot potato." Fill a small baby bottle with hot water and have guests stand in a circle. Instruct them to pass the bottle around while music plays; when the music stops, the guest holding the bottle is out. Another classic game with a baby shower twist includes a version reminiscent of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Using cloth diapers and diaper pins, teams diaper a life-sized baby doll while blindfolded. The first team to finish wins.

Racing Games

Create racing games as another baby shower game option. Ideas include placing baby dolls or other baby items on participants' backs and having them race from one set point to another. If the baby or baby item falls off the participant while playing, the player is out. Other racing game ideas include having participants race through certain obstacles such as children's toys in teams of three or four people each. The first team to successfully complete the course wins the game.

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