Halloween Party Themes With Scary Clowns

by A.N. Pike
This clown doesn't exactly conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings.

This clown doesn't exactly conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings.

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Nothing quite measures up to completely terrifying your friends and family. Whereas some people enjoy clowns, many people are absolutely terrified of them. This Halloween, change the minds of your clown-loving family members and friends by throwing a scary clown-themed Halloween party. From scary clowns out of horror films to serial killer clowns, instill the fear of clowns into each and every one of the people you love and care for.

Scary Clown Film Theme

Choose a film that features scary clowns. Decorate your house according to the film. For example, in "House of a Thousand Corpses," Captain Spalding was a man that often dressed up in a clown costume. His costume was gruesome and frightening. Decorate your party according to the roadside attraction that Captain Spalding owned. Have one person dress up as Captain Spalding and welcome all other guests to the party. Supply plenty of gruesome food and drinks, such as blood-red punch and sandwiches dyed with green food coloring to look like mold.

Fun House

Turn your Halloween party area into a run-down fun house. Create a maze of mirrors, and have people dressed up in clown costumes randomly pop up at your guests. Ask your guests to come dressed as sideshow attractions such as the bearded woman or hairiest man. These costumes add to the run-down, creepy carnival feel of the Halloween party. Create another room that features a constantly flashing light. This creates a slow motion effect. Have creepy clowns come toward your guests as they enter the room. Keep the amount of clowns to a minimum. Have the clowns remain low key and pop out at the guests throughout the night. Play disturbing fun house music throughout the night.

Circus of Horror Halloween Costume Party

Create a horrid circus atmosphere at your Halloween party and add a creepy clown twist. Have your guests dress up as various circus performers. Do not tell any of the guests that the party has a creepy twist. Dress up as a ringleader and have servers or other friends dress up as creepy clowns with poorly applied makeup and dirty costumes. Feature a variety of clowns, such as serial killer clowns to demonically sad clowns. Have the clowns scare the guests throughout the night as well as serve food and drinks. For refreshments, provide blood-red punch and plenty of circus foods such as hotdogs and cotton candy to heighten the creep factor.

Birthday Party Gone Wrong

Create a creepy Halloween atmosphere by decorating your party to resemble a birthday party gone wrong. Hang blood-spattered birthday streamers and banners on the walls. Splatter red paint or dye all over a white tablecloth. Paint bloody clown shoe prints everywhere. Place a bloody, gory dummy in the corner. Dress the dummy up and place a birthday crown on its head. Allow your guests to mingle before terrifying them. Once everyone is comfortable and having a good time, have a friend or family member dress up in a serial killer clown costume and stalk your guests. Provide your killer clown with a bloody machete or axe.

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