Halloween Party Themes Based on Famous Stars

by Andrew Button

As long as there have been famous people, there has been an association between parties and the jet set. This was the case with the nobility of previous eras, as it is with the celebrities of today. Because of the close link between famous people and extravagance, Halloween parties based on the famous never go out of style. There are many possibilities for Halloween party themes that channel the spirits of celebrities past and present.

Masked Balls

Masked balls (masquerade balls) are a well known tradition dating back to the middle ages. In a masked ball, all attendees wear a mask that projects the image of a known person or character. At a masked ball based on famous people, attendees wear masks and costumes based on celebrities. Masks based on politicians are especially popular, since they serve as a form of satire and entertainment. Richard Nixon masks, for example, were popular in the 1970s.

Horror Movies

Halloween has come to be associated with ghosts, zombies, vampires and other characters from horror movies. Because of this, a horror movie theme is perfect for a Halloween party centered around famous people. At a horror movie-themed party, a room could be decorated with posters of famous people from famous horror movies (Boris Karloff from "Frankenstein" or Bela Lugosi from "Dracula," for example). Guests could dress up as horror movie characters, tailoring their costumes to the styles worn by famous actors.

Academy Awards

The Academy Awards (Oscars) are the most well known motion picture award show in the world. One idea offered by Divine Dinner Party (divinedinnerparty.com) is to have a mock Oscars show where everyone dresses up as zombie versions of their favorite actors and actresses. At this party, a host gives out mock Oscar awards to each attendee based on their costumes. Examples of awards include best zombie costume and best ghost costume.

Haunted Mansion

Wealth and fame have a close relationship. Famous actors, musicians and businesspeople are known to live lavish lifestyles, complete with mansions, fancy cars and first-class airplane trips. If you have the budget to rent out a large floor, mimic the lifestyle of the rich and famous with a haunted mansion party. In this party setting, the room is furnished with expensive-looking furniture, lit with candles and decorated with cobwebs and jack-o-laterns. Attendees dress up as famous people associated with haunted houses, such as Nicole Kidman from "The Others" and Jack Nicholson from "The Shining."

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