Halloween Party Planning Themes

by Kyra Sheahan
Use jack-o'-lanterns to decorate for your Halloween party.

Use jack-o'-lanterns to decorate for your Halloween party.

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Give your guests a ghoulish good time by hosting a well-planned Halloween party. To pull off a successful bash, come up with a Halloween theme that you tie together through decorations, costumes, food, music and games. Keeping the theme consistent will allow you to accomplish the overall tone of the party that you are going for, whether that is nightmarishly scary or family-friendly.

Pumpkin Patch

A pumpkin patch Halloween party is a family-friendly theme that turns your home into an outdoor pumpkin patch. Children and parents can enjoy this spook-free ambience that still captures the essence of Halloween. To accomplish a pumpkin patch theme, fill your home or yard with pumpkins in various sizes and colors. Scatter hay on the ground to make the ambience more authentic. Set up stations for hot apple cider, bobbing for apples and other child-friendly activities.

Mystery Dinner Party

Halloween is the ideal time to host a mystery dinner party. This role-play game gets your guests involved as characters trying to solve the clues to a murder mystery. Murder mystery games are sold in game kits that provide you with scripts and dinner menu suggestions. For your Halloween party, let guests know that they are invited to a mystery dinner and then plan your party around this theme by decorating with cobwebs, scary jack-o'-lanterns, witches' cauldrons and fog machines.

Science Lab

Hosting a science lab Halloween party gives you the chance to come up with gross decorations and foods to spook your guests. Set up tables in the party area, and cover them with cobwebs. Fill glass jars with foods and food coloring to turn them into specimen jars. For instance, a jar full of grapes with yellow food coloring looks like eyeballs, and a jar with a cauliflower head resembles brains. Set out snack foods such as rotten deviled eggs with gummy worms crawling on them. Dress up like a mad scientist, and have a science lab soundtrack playing in the background for your music.

Graveyard and Haunted House

A graveyard and haunted house party is spooky but can still be appropriate for kids. To set up your graveyard, line your front lawn with headstones, skeletons and cobwebs. Create floating graveyard ghosts with pumpkin heads, poles for the frame and white linens. Then decorate your haunted house with more cobwebs, shadows on the floor made from black construction paper, eyes in the walls, scary jack-o'-lanterns, fake spiders and haunted house music with creaking stairs and slamming doors.

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