Halloween Party Ideas for Teens & Adults

by Kent Page McGroarty
Carve pumpkins with scary faces for teen or adult parties.

Carve pumpkins with scary faces for teen or adult parties.

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Halloween parties for teens and adults tend to focus on scarier themes that would generally terrify young children. Whether you are looking to gross out your guests or scare them witless, there are numerous ways to do so, including party decor and party activities. Encourage guests to dress up in their scariest possible costumes as no children will be present.

Food and Drink

Both teens and adults will enjoy "scary" or "gross" food items that children might find frightening. Create "dirt" cakes using brown frosting and gummy worms on sheet cakes or make a cake in the shape of tombstone. Sugar cookies in the shapes of ghosts and witches' hats are another option. Jello molds in the shape brains are another dessert option or try jello pieces in the shape of worms. Add ginger ale to red fruit juices to create bubbling "blood" drinks. Serve other red drinks as well, such as merlot for the adults and tomato juice for teens.


Create frightening decorations that will scare both teens and adults alike. One, more extreme, option is to dress up a friend like a mummy or zombie and have the person sit in your front hall as a "decoration." As guests arrive the person can suddenly jump up, which will most likely terrify party goers. Purchase faux severed limbs to use in Halloween displays as well as leaving them in the bathroom, refrigerator, front and back yard. Drip fake blood from counters in the kitchen or bathroom sink as well.

Games and Activities

Activity options for teen and adult Halloween parties include scary movie marathons. Movie ideas include the "Scream" films, "Saw" films, "The Exorcist" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Game ideas include scavenger hunts through local cemeteries, games inspired by the gross-out series "Fear Factor," scary story games, such as who can tell the most terrifying tale, and mini haunted house games. Participants are given items for creating a mini haunt in your basement or backyard, such as faux tombstones, fake weapons, severed rubber limbs and ghost makeup to see who can create the most terrifying image.


Music for your teen or adult Halloween party can include the soundtracks from a variety of horror movies including "Dawn of the Dead" and "28 Days Later." Use "creepy" sound bites, such as a lone wolf howling, an owl hooting and rustling wind to chill the blood of party goers as they enter the party, as well as camp classics such as "Monster Mash," which both teens and adults can enjoy dancing to.

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