Halloween Party Ideas for Retired Seniors

by Kate Bradley

Getting older doesn't have to mean not having fun! If you're a senior planning a Halloween party, you may feel like some activities are now off-limits. Even if you can't do the limbo anymore, you can still participate and enjoy yourself on the spookiest night of the year. Don't let your age hold you back -- get out there and have a happy Halloween.


As a retiree, you may have plenty of time on your hands for cooking up a truly fantastic Halloween costume. Choose a theme for your Halloween party, such as "Old Celebrities." You and your friends will get a kick out of dressing up like the senior version of today's hottest young celebrities and have a blast trying to guess who's who. You could also tell guests to dress up in a costume that illustrates the deadly sin with which they most closely identify after over 50 years on earth. You'll learn some interesting things about your guests and see some creative costumes.


Invite the local high school theater troupe to your party and have them put on a murder mystery show for your guests. Award a bottle of "blood" (red wine) to the guest who correctly guesses the culprit. Have Halloween cocktail hour and let your guests play bartender. Supply mixers, red and black food coloring and have the guests bring their favorite liquor or liqueur. Make a Vampire Kiss Martini or a big glass of fake blood! If your guests have a sweet tooth, invite them into the kitchen to decorate their own personal cake (buy a miniature cake for every guest before the party). Supply icing, food coloring and toppings. Vote on which cake looks the spookiest.


Did you watch horror movies when you were younger? Do you remember the classics? Showcase your creepy-film knowledge with a game of classic horror movie trivia. Your guests should remember films like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?," "Rosemary's Baby" and "Psycho." See whose memory is the most intact among your retired friends! Make up questions before the party. Play Halloween charades. Before the party, make a list of Halloween-related characters and objects. Split guests into teams and watch your formerly sedate and professional friends become mummies, Frankenstein or a vampire. You could also play Halloween Pictionary with the same list. Get an easel and a roll of butcher paper and see if your friends can still draw after years of desk work!


See if your retired friends can tell the difference in the dark between a peeled grape and an eyeball. Make your refreshments creepy but delicious to have everyone coming back for seconds. Mold cream cheese into small spheres. Cut roasted red peppers into fang-shaped pieces and hollow out half a black olive. Put the olive on top of the sphere and the "fangs" on the front. Presto, you've made Dracula balls. For a gross reminder of the teen years, put out a bowl of "pimples" (pomegranate kernels). Make "booger dip" with cheese dip and green food coloring. Carve a small pumpkin with a big open mouth and make him "puke" guacamole. Surround the mess with chips for a tasty, classic party treat. Check with guests for health conditions such as diabetes before planning your menu.

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