Halloween Party Games for School-Age Kids

by Krystal Miller
Use pumpkins to create Halloween party games for kids.

Use pumpkins to create Halloween party games for kids.

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In addition to the chance to dress up and eat candy, most children love the parties Halloween brings. Create a "spooktacular" Halloween party for school-age children they will remember for years to come. Whether it is a classroom party or home party, children can enjoy playing Halloween games and earning Halloween-themed prizes, such as stickers, candy and toys.

Relay Races

Divide the children into two teams. Mark a starting line and finish line 15 feet apart. Ask the teams to line up at the starting line. Place two buckets (one for each team), with a paper skeleton in each bucket, at the finish line. The finish line should be in front of a wall and both skeletons should be in pieces. The object of the game is for the teams to tape the skeleton pieces to the wall in the correct order. One player at a time must race to the finish line, place a piece of tape on a skeleton piece and stick it on the wall. Each team player must do the same thing until the skeleton is complete. The first team to complete its skeleton wins. For another relay race, have the teams pass a gourd down their teams' lines using only their necks and chins. The first team to move the gourd all the way down its team line wins.

Tossing Games

Have kids toss candy corn into plastic pumpkin buckets. The player who lands the most candies in the buckets wins. You can also have players select partners and give each team a plastic pumpkin pail. One player from each team must try to toss candy corn into his partner's bucket. The team with the most candy corn in its bucket at the end of one minute wins.

Circle Game

In a game similar to the classic "Hot Potato," have players sit in a circle and hand one player a hard-boiled egg (an "oozin' eyeball"). Play Halloween music and tell the children to pass the egg around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the egg is out of the game. Start the music again and eliminate one player each round. The last player in the game wins a prize. You can substitute a pumpkin, gourd, toy witch, Halloween pail full of candy or a giant toy spider for the "eyeball."

Hunt Games

Hide several pieces of Halloween candy around the play area and give each child a small plastic sack. When you say "Hunt," the children must collect as much candy as they can. The player who finds the most pieces of candy wins the game and an additional prize. Other items you can hide include miniature pumpkins, black toy cats and Halloween-themed party favors. Kids get to keep what they find.

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