Halloween Parties

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    Dead Celebrities Ideas for a Halloween Party

    Impersonating a dead celebrity works well for a costume party, especially for Halloween with its emphasis on creepy people and things. Celebrities who met their premature demise are often made more famous -- and thus more recognizable -- because of it. Play up a famous deceased icon's look and personal attributes for maximum believability and recognition.

    How to Create Your Own Special Effects for a Halloween Party

    If you are planning a Halloween party, you want to ensure the decorations make people take notice. You can use several simple special-effects tricks to create a memorable mood for your party. Use dry-ice fog to create a creepy atmosphere. Modify cheap foam skulls to glow and seem to float. A quick trip to a dollar store will provide you with what you need to make a creepy "ghost."

    Halloween Party Ideas for Retired Seniors

    Getting older doesn't have to mean not having fun! If you're a senior planning a Halloween party, you may feel like some activities are now off-limits. Even if you can't do the limbo anymore, you can still participate and enjoy yourself on the spookiest night of the year. Don't let your age hold you back -- get out there and have a happy Halloween.

    How to Make a Mummy for a Halloween Party

    If you are throwing a Halloween party, you will want to decorate your house in a way that will make your guests jump and squirm. While store-bought cobwebs and smiling jack-o-lanterns make for an excellent start, you may want to take the extra step and create your own terrifying mummy decorations. Hang one on the back of the bathroom door for a fearful surprise or sit a whole family of mummies on the couch so they can socialize.

    Halloween Party Themes Based on Famous Stars

    As long as there have been famous people, there has been an association between parties and the jet set. This was the case with the nobility of previous eras, as it is with the celebrities of today. Because of the close link between famous people and extravagance, Halloween parties based on the famous never go out of style. There are many possibilities for Halloween party themes that channel the spirits of celebrities past and present.

    Suggestion for a Christian Halloween Party

    When you think of Halloween you may think of ghosts, ghouls, spiders, witches and demons. Many Christians try to avoid the scary messages and images of Halloween. Just because you do not want to celebrate Halloween does not mean you can't celebrate the season. Christians can have an alternative party such as a fall festival or harvest party to celebrate the season.

    How to Decorate for a Large Halloween Party

    With the costumes, candy and general spooky ambiance, Halloween is a fun time of year to have a party. Decorating for a large Halloween party can be part of the fun if you allow yourself to get into the spirit and use your whole house as a stage. The decorations that can make a Halloween party so much fun are usually features that can be kept up through the whole month of October. Decorate early to get the most out of your Halloween party creations.

    What to Put on a Halloween Invitation

    If you want your Halloween celebration to be a wild, raging success, you've got to capture your guests' interest with an awesome and informative invitation. Of course you should include the time, date and location details, but a one-of-a-kind, well-planned invitation will intrigue your guests and have them clamoring to RSVP.

    Halloween Party Ideas for Ages 4-10

    Kids love Halloween, and while 4- to 10-year-olds can be creeped out rather easily, they do love some mild chills and thrills. Children this age also enjoy the dressing up and the decorations, and who doesn't love Halloween treats? Halloween parties are simple for children in this age range and fun for everyone.

    Haunted and Scary Party Games

    Whether you are planning a haunted Halloween bash or want to spook guests at your sleepover, include a few scary-themed party games to the event. Spooky games are best played in the dark, so schedule your party for after sunset. To enhance the fright level, play them outside. To completely haunt the play space, add creepy music and a fog machine.

    Halloween Party Themes With Scary Clowns

    Nothing quite measures up to completely terrifying your friends and family. Whereas some people enjoy clowns, many people are absolutely terrified of them. This Halloween, change the minds of your clown-loving family members and friends by throwing a scary clown-themed Halloween party. From scary clowns out of horror films to serial killer clowns, instill the fear of clowns into each and every one of the people you love and care for.

    Halloween Block Party Games: Guess What Is in the Bag

    More than 60 percent of Americans celebrate Halloween either by having a party or decorating their yards, according to the website Halloween Alliance. A Halloween block party brings together neighbors and friends for a night of spooky fun. You can add a little "eeewww" factor to the night with a guessing game that requires party-goers to blindly stick their hands into bags and guess the contents. Fill a line of bags with gruesome, slimy and downright scary stuff, then lead your blindfolded guests from bag to bag to see who can identify the gory contents. If you use paper bags for this activity, line each one with a plastic bag so the "guts" don't leak.

    Halloween Party Games for Boys for the Outside

    For many kids, Halloween means candy. For many parents, Halloween means kids hopped up on sugar. In order to transform this sugar-high into a fun and enjoyable outdoor game for your boys, consider appealing to their natural competitive nature. Additionally, you can design games that take advantage of some of the materials and decorations already on hand, meaning that these Halloween games won't scare your budget.

    Haunted Party Games

    Haunted parties will test the fear factor of your party guests. When planning a haunted Halloween party, prepare a few frightful games that are sure to have your guests squealing for fear. Adjust each party game depending on the ages of your guests. With a few supplies and some haunted ideas, you'll have everything you need to "haunt" guests into remembering your party for months to come.

    Halloween Party Games and Pranks

    October 31 is the one day out of the year that scaring your family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers is perfectly acceptable. Whether you decide to scurry after your neighbors with an ax or give children nightmares for years about hands in candy bowls, playing a Halloween prank on someone gives a certain satisfaction. However, if you aren't the pranking type, play it safe on Halloween with a couple of harmless games, such as the pumpkin penny toss or the Dead Man's Body Guessing Game.

    Scary Halloween Party Activities for Pre-Teens

    Preteens can be a tough crowd to please. They're too old for childish games, yet they still need some adult supervision. Forget about asking them to bob for apples, this group wants to be scared. However, the adult needs to know where to draw the line, because preteens can be easily influenced and some may not realize they aren't quite ready for the real scary stuff.

    Games to Play to Scare Guests at an Adult Halloween Party

    Halloween parties are enjoyed by kids and adults alike, as they are a chance to dress up in crazy costumes and gorge on sweets. They are also an excuse to play scary games, which presents much more of a challenge for adult players than children, as adults are not so easily frightened. Utilize creepy areas of your hometown as well as any areas of your home, such as an unfinished basement, for games that will chill the blood of your guests.

    Halloween Cute Party Crafts With Food

    Halloween is the perfect time for kids to create funny and creepy decorations for the home and family. Encouraging them to take this same creativity to the kitchen will give the entire household or party some edible culinary masterpieces. Simple food items can be transformed into funky, freaky fare in no time at all.

    Halloween Party Games for School-Age Kids

    In addition to the chance to dress up and eat candy, most children love the parties Halloween brings. Create a "spooktacular" Halloween party for school-age children they will remember for years to come. Whether it is a classroom party or home party, children can enjoy playing Halloween games and earning Halloween-themed prizes, such as stickers, candy and toys.