Halloween Parties

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    Activities for a 1st Grade Halloween Party

    Children enjoy dressing up in costumes, attending parties and and receiving candy on Halloween. Hold a Halloween activities for your first-grade students that will educate them about the origins of Halloween and let them celebrate its pageantry. Include history lessons, costume pageants and pumpkin decorating contests.

    Alternatives for Halloween Party Ideas and Games

    Halloween is an enjoyable holiday for some, but it may not be your favorite. You may find the dangers of going door to door too risky, or you may find some other characteristics of the holiday ostentatious. If for any reason you prefer to enjoy the holiday the fright-free way, you have plenty of party and game options that are separate from the traditional Halloween celebration.

    Arizona Corporate Party Halloween Ideas

    Give your corporate party some Halloween flair with easy-to-make decorations and the right themed foods. For corporate parties taking place in Arizona, October still brings warm weather, which may impact the ideas you have for your Halloween bash. As with all corporate parties, keep things appropriate even when celebrating holidays.

    Awesome Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

    Imagine a room full of bloody tables, rotting corpses and a tombstone with your name on it. This isn't a nightmare; it's the ideal Halloween party scene for teens. Add themed costumes, their fascination for vampires, scary music and food, and your party will be the awesome event of the scene that your friends remember for years to come.

    Challenges of a Halloween Party

    With the exception of a wedding, Halloween parties can be the most challenging celebrations to put together. Halloween is more than a gathering of friends and family for a nice party. Guests want to have fun, be scared and sometimes even grossed out. Halloween parties are a time to step out of the box and be silly, but there are several challenges. Hosts are expected to have certain decorations, foods and entertainment or it just will not feel like Halloween to the guests.

    Children's Halloween Party Activities & Games for Costume Contests

    When throwing a Halloween party, it is important to have activities to keep the guests entertained. Whether the guests are children or adults, you don't want anyone to get bored. All of these activities have a Halloween theme, making them great for pre-trick-or-treating fun.

    A Christian Halloween Party Alternative

    While some Christians celebrate Halloween in more traditional ways, others prefer to use Halloween alternatives to avoid celebrating a holiday that has pagan connotations. It is sometimes difficult to explain to a child why he cannot participate in something many of his friends do; however, you can create an alternative that is fun for everyone involved.

    How to Create Your Own Special Effects for a Halloween Party

    If you are planning a Halloween party, you want to ensure the decorations make people take notice. You can use several simple special-effects tricks to create a memorable mood for your party. Use dry-ice fog to create a creepy atmosphere. Modify cheap foam skulls to glow and seem to float. A quick trip to a dollar store will provide you with what you need to make a creepy "ghost."

    Creepy Halloween Party Ideas

    Add creepy effects to any Halloween party to give your guests quite the scare. From the invitations to the party games, turn your home into a haunted house of spooky excitement. With careful preparation, a variety of Halloween supplies and your imagination, you can put together a scary Halloween party your guests will be talking about for weeks to come.

    Dead Celebrities Ideas for a Halloween Party

    Impersonating a dead celebrity works well for a costume party, especially for Halloween with its emphasis on creepy people and things. Celebrities who met their premature demise are often made more famous -- and thus more recognizable -- because of it. Play up a famous deceased icon's look and personal attributes for maximum believability and recognition.

    How to Decorate Inside for a Halloween Party

    Halloween is a time when fun and fright converge, and those who are looking to have a good time are also looking for the thrill of terror. If you are throwing a Halloween party at your house, decorate in a way that gives your guests the shivers. Serve up some punch with a bloody hand in it, place a mummy on the couch for friends to flirt with, and cover the flatware in edible fake blood for a Halloween party your guests will never forget.

    How to Decorate for a Large Halloween Party

    With the costumes, candy and general spooky ambiance, Halloween is a fun time of year to have a party. Decorating for a large Halloween party can be part of the fun if you allow yourself to get into the spirit and use your whole house as a stage. The decorations that can make a Halloween party so much fun are usually features that can be kept up through the whole month of October. Decorate early to get the most out of your Halloween party creations.

    Effects for a Halloween Party

    If you want to throw a spook-tacular Halloween party, one that will have all the "boys and ghouls" chattering about what a fantastic job you did long after the witching hour has passed, go the extra mile when choosing special effects for your event. At Halloween, think dramatic and over-the-top when trying to create a suitably creepy and fun atmosphere for your party.

    Elegant Traditional Halloween Party

    Make a Halloween party truly sensational by using orange and black to create an elegant setting to impress guests and friends. Incorporate the shine and glitter of silver and gold to bring more traditional elements to your party. Get crafty with natural items for a rustic feel. Black and orange will look regal in your home with easy-to-do decorations. Finish your party off by dressing in a well-crafted costume to make your party scary and beautiful.

    Games to Play to Scare Guests at an Adult Halloween Party

    Halloween parties are enjoyed by kids and adults alike, as they are a chance to dress up in crazy costumes and gorge on sweets. They are also an excuse to play scary games, which presents much more of a challenge for adult players than children, as adults are not so easily frightened. Utilize creepy areas of your hometown as well as any areas of your home, such as an unfinished basement, for games that will chill the blood of your guests.

    Halloween Block Party Games: Guess What Is in the Bag

    More than 60 percent of Americans celebrate Halloween either by having a party or decorating their yards, according to the website Halloween Alliance. A Halloween block party brings together neighbors and friends for a night of spooky fun. You can add a little "eeewww" factor to the night with a guessing game that requires party-goers to blindly stick their hands into bags and guess the contents. Fill a line of bags with gruesome, slimy and downright scary stuff, then lead your blindfolded guests from bag to bag to see who can identify the gory contents. If you use paper bags for this activity, line each one with a plastic bag so the "guts" don't leak.

    Halloween Cute Party Crafts With Food

    Halloween is the perfect time for kids to create funny and creepy decorations for the home and family. Encouraging them to take this same creativity to the kitchen will give the entire household or party some edible culinary masterpieces. Simple food items can be transformed into funky, freaky fare in no time at all.

    Halloween "Fear Factor" Party Games

    Kick your Halloween party up a few notches with some gruesome "Fear Factor"-themed party games. "Fear Factor," a televised game show, offered contestants a chance to face their biggest fears, while earning prizes for accomplishing the tasks. Adding gross and messy games to your already scary Halloween party will give your guests something to talk about for months to come.

    Halloween Invitations that Rhyme

    So you're planning a Halloween party and want to jazz it up with a catchy rhyming invitation? Whether you want to host a kids' Halloween party, a scary party for teens or an adult costume party, you can create one-of-a-kind rhyming invitations that will add to your party's character. Keep your invitation short and to the point and don't forget to tell everyone where and when it will take place.

    Halloween Party Checklist

    If you are throwing a Halloween party, having a checklist increases your chances of pulling off a perfect event. If you just wing it with the party plans, chances are you will forget to get a few things done. A checklist helps keep you organized as well as streamline what needs to get done.