Halloween Haunted Parks in Massachusetts

by Ian Farquharson
Halloween parks can provide spooky fun for kids and adults

Halloween parks can provide spooky fun for kids and adults

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Highlights of the fall season for many include Halloween and this occasion provides opportunities to enjoy some scary haunted experiences. Residents and visitors to Massachusetts have the choice of a number of Halloween haunted parks, with these located from Springfield in the west of the state to Quincy in the east. Whether having a preference for indoor, outdoor or real-life haunted park attractions, Massachusetts has something to offer.

Indoor Haunted Attractions

Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Factory of Terror (factoryofterror.com) provides visitors with three haunted houses in one location. Open from mid-September until the end of October each year, the haunted attractions include Bloodsworth Dungeon, Gothic Nightmare and Phobia Mayhem. The theme revolves around the murder of 113 factory workers that now haunt the building and visitors making their way through the attractions take the chance of meeting many of these tortured souls.

Outdoor Haunted Attractions

Outdoor haunted parks include Witch's Woods Halloween Screampark (witchswoods.com). Located in Westford, this park provides the opportunity to experience a spooky haunted hayride through the woods at Nashoba Valley Ski Area. Visitors will experience witches, ghouls, zombies and other terrifying creatures on a trip through the woods. The area also has some haunted buildings to experience. Visitors who dare, can enter Castle Morbid, Nightmare Mansion or The Keeper's Crypt, with these providing more haunted scares for those that enter. The park operates during October each year.

Theme Park

The Six Flags theme park (sixflags.com), in Springfield, provides year-round fun for residents and visitors to Massachusetts. It hosts an annual Fright Fest event during the fall season, which transforms the park into a haunted Halloween attraction. This includes spooky decorations in many areas of the park, as well as Halloween-themed shows, roller coaster rides, haunted attractions and street entertainment. The event takes place throughout October, providing some fun haunted experiences for visitors.

Real Life Haunted Attractions

Real life haunted attractions in Massachusetts includes the Haunted Ship (hauntedship.com). The USS Salem originally sailed in the U.S. Navy and following decommissioning became part of the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum (uss-salem.org) in Quincy. The ship has a haunted reputation and during October each year opens as a theme park-style haunted attraction with ghosts, ghouls and monsters roaming the decks to scare visitors that enter. For a chance to see some real ghosts, visitors can also take a tour of the haunted locations around the ship in the company of paranormal investigators.

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