Halloween Haunted Mine Tours in Colorado

by Shelly Barclay

Colorado has a mining history that goes back more than 100 years. Mines in Colorado produce gold, silver, limestone, coal, gypsum and soda ash. There are no real haunted mines in Colorado that are open for tours. However, the Western Museum of Mining and Industry in Colorado Springs, Colorado, does create a haunted mine for Halloween.


The Western Museum of Mining and Industry hosts the Haunted Mines (hauntedmines.org) on the 26-acre site of their museum. The museum is off exit 156A of Interstate 25 on North Gate Boulevard. There is a large red and white farmhouse and large red barns on the property. The barns are where guests go to tour the mines.

The Experience

There are small tunnels in the Haunted Mines that require guests to crawl through them. Dresses and skirts may get caught or ride up in these tunnels, so the Haunted Mines website recommends guests do not wear them. Guests should also avoid wearing high heels in the Haunted Mines, as there are walkways where heels can catch and areas where guests may want to run. Actors dressed as monsters wait within the mine, but they do not touch guests. There are flashing lights, water effects, scary sounds, real bats, fog and smoke. If a guest becomes overwhelmed, security guards can escort them away from the tour through a separate exit.

The Story Behind the Haunted Mines

The story, entirely fictional, behind the Haunted Mines is that the former owner, Jeremiah McDygut, murdered 1,000 of the minersworking for him in the 1800s. He prepared to reopen the mine after the incident, building a 1,300-foot elevator shaft and an elevator. On the day of the reopening, he got stuck in the elevator and fell to his death while the ghosts of his victims moaned around him.

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Guests of the Haunted Mines get discount tickets for a guided tour of the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. All of the proceeds of the Haunted Mines go to the museum, which has indoor and outdoor exhibits about mining in Colorado and the western United States. There is also a library on the site.

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