Halloween Games for Kids: Grab the Ghost

by Jamie Farber
Grab the ghost is a great Halloween game for kids.

Grab the ghost is a great Halloween game for kids.

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Halloween is a favorite holiday for most children. Between the costumes, the candy and the scares, things can get a little wild. For parents, Halloween parties in a more controlled environment are sometimes a better alternative to a night of trick-or-treating. If you choose to host a Halloween party, a game of grab the ghost can keep kids occupied while sticking with a scary Halloween theme.

Supplies and Setup

To play grab the ghost, you will need plain white paper towels, one small ball per child, 2 feet of yarn per child, markers, a large funnel, 10 pennies per child and a die. Before the children arrive, create the ghosts by covering a ball with a piece of paper towel. Tie the 2 feet of yarn around the paper towel, below the ball. You will want to leave one end of the yarn long when tying the knot.

Preparing to Play

Before you can actually begin to play the game, each child needs to decorate a ghost. Let the children be as creative as they would like, adding facial features and other embellishments with the markers. Once the ghosts are ready, give each child 10 pennies. You will also need to choose one child to be the goblin first. Once a goblin has been chosen, hand him the die and funnel and have the other children place their ghosts in a circle on the table holding the long end of the yarn.

How to Play

The goblin will hold the die and yell out two different numbers. Once he has told his chosen numbers to the other players, he will roll the die. If either number he called comes up, he lowers the funnel onto the ghosts as quickly as possible. The other children will try to pull their ghosts out of the way before the funnel can touch them. If the goblin catches a ghost, he receives a penny from that ghost's owner. After three dice rolls, another child becomes the goblin. The game is over when someone runs out of pennies. The person with the most pennies wins.

Other Rules

The goblin is allowed to fake a funnel drop, but if he accidentally touches any ghosts, he must pay each other player one penny. If any of the players move their ghosts during a fake funnel play or for any other reason, except a real funnel slam, that player must pay the goblin a penny. Let the children take home their ghosts and pennies at the end of the night as a party favor.

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