Halloween Games for 8-Year-Old Children

by Krystal Miller
Use pumpkins for Halloween games for 8-year-old children.

Use pumpkins for Halloween games for 8-year-old children.

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When planning a Halloween party for a group of 8-year-olds, you can prepare some "spook-ta-cular" games to keep them entertained. Games keep the children involved in the party, while giving them a chance to win prizes to take home. Prizes, such as Halloween-themed toys, candy, stickers and temporary tattoos, will encourage the children to play along and try their best.

Paper Games

Many 8-year-olds enjoy playing bingo and doing puzzle-type games, so start the party off with some paper games for the children. Make bingo cards with Halloween-themed words, such as "trick," "treat," "candy," "costume," "scary" and "witch." Give each child a bowl of candy corn and a bingo card. Call out the words. The first child to bingo and yell "Happy Halloween" wins a prize. For another game, give each child a sheet of paper and have him write down as many words as he can using the only the letters in the word "Halloween." The player who comes up with the most correct words wins the game. Other paper games can include crossword puzzles and word searches.

Pumpkin Games

The children can play a variety of games using pumpkins. For example, play a game of Hot Pumpkin instead of Hot Potato. Have pumpkin contests to see who can toss or roll a pumpkin the farthest. Hang plastic hoops from a tree or clothesline and have the children try to toss miniature pumpkins through the hoops. You can also create a pumpkin scavenger hunt by hiding miniature pumpkins all over the party area, and having the children hunt for them.

Hunt Games

Because most 8-year-olds still enjoy trick-or-treating, prepare a candy hunt for them to do indoors or outdoors. Hide candy all over the party area, and give each child a loot bag or plastic pumpkin. The kids must find as much candy as possible. The child who finds the most candy wins an additional prize. For added fun, draw a pumpkin on a couple of pieces of the candy. The children who find the "specially marked" candies win an additional prize. Make the hunt more difficult by playing in the dark, and giving each child a small flashlight to use in hunting for candy.

Messy Games

Place several different types of food in bowls and cover with plastic and foil. Cut an "X" in the top large enough for a child's hand. Some food examples include chocolate, tomato sauce, peeled oranges or grapes, mayonnaise and gelatin. The children must reach inside each bowl and feel the food item. For each one she gets correct, she earns a point. The child who earns the most points wins the game. Alternatively, blindfold the players and have them taste the food after feeling it. For another messy game, place 10 pieces of candy corn or candy pumpkins on a plate and cover them with whipped cream. Make a plate for each player. When you say "Go," players must put their hands behind their backs and eat the 10 candy items. The first player to eat all her candy wins the game.

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