Halloween Game for Preschoolers

by Krystal Miller
Use a plastic pumpkin full of goodies for a Halloween game for preschoolers.

Use a plastic pumpkin full of goodies for a Halloween game for preschoolers.

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The less scary aspects of Halloween provide an enjoyable time for preschoolers. When planning a Halloween party for a group of preschoolers, incorporate friendly ghosts and funny jack-o'-lanterns into the party games. Short and simple games are best, since many young children have a short attention span and become easily bored. Awarding Halloween stickers and coloring books to game winners will encourage the children to play along.

Guessing Games

Show the preschoolers a medium size pumpkin and have them guess how many seeds are inside. Help the children carve the pumpkin and pull out all the seeds. Count the seeds and the preschoolers who guessed closest to the correct number win a prize. Play a game of "guess the friendly ghost" by sending one child out of the room. Cover another child with a large white sheet. Ask the first child to come back in the room and guess who the friendly ghost is by using a process of elimination. If she guesses correctly within two tries, she earns a prize.

Tossing Games

Paint six cans with black and orange acrylic paint. Stack the cans on a table in a tall pyramid shape. Mark a line 5 feet from the cans. Give each preschooler three bat-shaped beanbags to throw at the cans. If he knocks all the cans down, he wins a prize. Alternatively, tape a black poster to the bottom of a cardboard box and cut a hole in the middle. Tell the preschoolers the hole is the "bat cave" and they must toss the bat beanbags into the cave. The player who makes the most beanbags after 10 tosses wins the game.

Funny Games

Instead of bobbing for apples, have the preschoolers bob for marshmallows. Fill a large bucket with water, ice cubes and large marshmallows. Give each preschooler one minute to bob for as many marshmallows as she can. She must place her hands behind her back and use only her mouth. The player who bobs the most marshmallows wins the game. Divide the children into teams of three or four for a mummy game. Have each team select a team mummy. Give each team three rolls of toilet paper or white crepe streamer. The first team to wrap its team mummy completely wins the game.

Prize Games

Most preschoolers love winning prizes, so play a few Halloween games that will guarantee everyone a prize. Have the children sit in a circle. Ask them pass a plastic pumpkin full of candy and prizes around the circle while music plays. When the music stops, the player holding the pumpkin can take a piece of candy or prize. Keep playing until everyone has a piece of candy or a prize. Cut pumpkin and bat shapes out of construction paper. Scatter the pictures all over the floor and number each one. Have the children stand on a picture, then call a number out. The child standing on that number wins a prize.

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