Halloween Festivals in Nauvoo, Illinois

by Larry Davis
Nauvoo's Mullholland Street is lined with carved pumpkins for the Halloween festival.

Nauvoo's Mullholland Street is lined with carved pumpkins for the Halloween festival.

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Nauvoo, Illinois, is commonly called "Beautiful Nauvoo" because the Hebrew word for "beautiful" is "nauvoo," and this historic city overlooks a magnificent view of the Mississippi River. The Nauvoo Chamber of Commerce sponsors a fall holiday event on the Saturday before Halloween, called "Bootiful Nauvoo Halloween Festival." The festival is also called the "Bootiful Nauvoo Pumpkin Walk." The festival takes place on Mullholland Street, the main street in the business district of Nauvoo, typically from 4 to 9 p.m.

Pumpkin Walk

As part of the festival, Mullholland Street displays carved pumpkins for the "Bootiful Nauvoo Pumpkin Walk" theme of Nauvoo's Halloween festival. Business owners and local groups place hundreds of carved pumpkins all along the sidewalks of the business district. Visitors and local residents are treated to a wide array of these carved characters and a special treat when the night turns dark and the pumpkins are lit.


An annual Ghosts and Goblins Parade is a favorite part of the festival day. Children and adults alike dress up in costumes to walk or ride in the parade down Mullholland Street. Decorated floats, bikes and cars add to the festive event. The parade typically draws a large crowd of spectators as well as participants. Treats are handed out by various groups as the parade proceeds down the main business street of the city.

Haunted House

Halloween celebrations often include a haunted house, and Nauvoo offers one with its festival. Long lines of guests wait their turn to enter the haunted house. Sponsors of the attraction give guests an entertaining show and many scary moments in their tour through the dark, noisy and spooky place.

Trunk or Treat

What would Halloween be without the familiar "Trick or Treat" event. Costumed children and their parents can participate in this time of collecting treats while staying in the business district on Mullholland Street. Businesses and groups hand out candy and treats in the annual "Trunk or Treat" portion of the Halloween festival. Children don't have to go door-to-door in neighborhoods to collect treats. They can stay in the well-lighted and supervised festival area along this main business street of Nauvoo.


The "Bootiful Nauvoo Halloween Festival" also offers many forms of entertainment throughout the evening. Free children's movies, games and face painting are offered. Fortune tellers, palm readers and novelty vendors set up tables or booths along Mullholland Street. Guests can also sample the fudges, cheese and wines that Nauvoo is famous for producing. Foods of all types are available for purchase, as well. Free live music of all types is performed by local and out-of-town bands and singing groups.

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