Halloween Festival and Haunted Hayride in Virginia Beach

by Brianna Collins
Hunt Club Farm's Halloween Festival takes place annually in Virginia Beach.

Hunt Club Farm's Halloween Festival takes place annually in Virginia Beach.

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A seaside city on the southern end of the state, Virginia Beach has activities, festivals and events throughout the year. In the fall, visitors and residents are invited experience the chills offered at Hunt Club Farm's (huntclubfarm.com) Haunted Halloween Festival, which includes themed activities aimed at making guests scream.

Haunted Hayride

The only prominent haunted hayride in Virginia Beach, Hunt Club Farm's ride takes guests through the woods behind the farm. Guests sit on a cart full of hay, pulled by a tractor. During the journey, they witness scenes that look like they're straight from horror film, with live actors, special effects, and lighting schemes. Tickets for the hayride also include admission to two of Hunt Club Farm's other Halloween offerings.

Other Attractions

Hunt Club Farm also offers two other haunted experiences -- the Village of the Dead, a walking tour through a haunted village that includes trips through a bell tower, swamp, and graveyard, and the Field of Screams, another walking tour that takes guests through a haunted cornfield with live actors in gruesome makeup. Both attractions may be a little much to handle for the squeamish or the overly jumpy, and Hunt Club Farm doesn't recommend either experience for young kids.

Carnival Rides

Every Halloween season, Hunt Club Farm's Halloween Fest also hosts a number of carnival rides. Typical ride offerings include a helicopter ride, a giant fun slide, a Ferris wheel and a train ride. The carnival rides are not included in attraction admission price, and guests must buy tickets separately for these rides.


Typically, the Halloween Festival begins each year in late September and runs throughout the month of October, with the festival events on weekends earlier in October and extending to Wednesdays and Thursdays for the last three weeks of the Festival. The Festival sometimes closes for inclement weather, so guests should call ahead.

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