Halloween "Fear Factor" Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Use plastic pumpkins to prepare

Use plastic pumpkins to prepare "Fear Factor" games for your Halloween party.

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Kick your Halloween party up a few notches with some gruesome "Fear Factor"-themed party games. "Fear Factor," a televised game show, offered contestants a chance to face their biggest fears, while earning prizes for accomplishing the tasks. Adding gross and messy games to your already scary Halloween party will give your guests something to talk about for months to come.

Eating Games

You can use a variety of gross foods to prepare eating games for a Halloween "Fear Factor" party. Divide the players into two teams. One player from each team must step up to a table. Switch plates between treats and tricks. For example, give both players a treat like a piece of candy or a marshmallow to eat. For tricks, the players can eat anchovies, pieces of cooked beef tongue or pigs' feet. The players earn one point for their team for each item they eat. The team with the most points wins the game. Alternatively, the players can compete in this game individually by seeing who can eat the trick items the fastest.

Messy Games

Fill two small plastic swimming pools with a variety of slimy food items such as cooked spaghetti noodles, gelatin, condiments, slime, baked beans, rice pudding and thick gravy. Hide small plastic toy pumpkins or Halloween party favors in each pool. Two players will compete at a time to see who can find the most items in 30 seconds. For a funny version, have the players take off their shoes and socks to use their feet only. You can also prepare a game of bobbing for hearts by filling a bucket with fake blood and pig hearts. The players can wear goggles, earplugs and nose plugs while bobbing for the hearts. The player who gets the most hearts out of the bucket using only his mouth in 20 seconds wins the game.

Bug Games

Guests can test their bug fear factor with some bug games at your Halloween party. Carve a hole in the top of a pumpkin large enough for the players to fit their hands in. Fill the pumpkins with live crickets or grasshoppers. Time the children to see who can retrieve 10 pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin the fastest. You can also fill two extra large pumpkins with a variety of live bugs, which are available at most pet supply stores. Place five keys in the pumpkins, making sure only one of the five keys in each pumpkin will open a master lock. The first player to retrieve the right key and open the lock wins the game.

Guessing Games

Players must guess the correct "body part" in guessing games. Fill plastic pumpkins with slimy food items and place a different "body part" in each one. For example, use peeled grapes for eyeballs, a large peeled tomato for a heart, almond slices for fingernails, baby carrots for fingers and large cauliflower for the brain. The players must guess what each "body part" is in the pumpkins and the player who answers the most correctly wins the game. You can also play this game in teams and award a prize to the team who guesses the most "body parts" correct.

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