Halloween Face Painting for Fairies

by Carla Jean McKinney
Face painting techniques create a Halloween fairy look.

Face painting techniques create a Halloween fairy look.

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Halloween face painting for a fairy look can complement a fairy costume or stand alone. Fairy face paint effects for children and adults include wing and flower motifs, as well as generous amounts of glitter, shimmer, sequins and even rhinestones and other jewels. Fairy face paint designs and inspiration are available from tutorials, face paint design templates and books about fairies.

The Fairy Look

Inspired by sources ranging from classic fairy tales to modern movies and comic books, fairy designs for face painting can be bright and upbeat for young trick-or-treaters, or dark and edgy for a more sophisticated adult look. Features of fairy face paint include butterfly wings, antennae, flower petals and leaves, and swirls suggesting tendrils. Face paint colors for a fairy look can include greens and pastels and other colors of nature. Glitter, sparkle and shine complete the fairy style.

Designing Fairy Face Paint

Fairy design mask effects can be created by painting a winged design around the eyes and elaborating on it with spirals and other tendrils. Swirling patterns alone, such as spirals and flower-like flowing tendrils, can also suggest fairy-type looks. Designs begin with a basic outline which can be developed with contrasting colors, or embellished using glitter effects.

Color Combinations

Non-toxic professional face paints offer a variety of color choices. Greens, pinks, yellows and blues, colors suggesting nature are part of the fairy face paint scheme. Darker and lighter variations, including black and white, create contrast and add elements such as wing details or antennae. Metallic paints in pink, gold or silver can also create a fairy feel.

Adding Effects

Shimmer dust and other glittery add-ons can emphasize the fairy motif. Added to highlight areas around the eyes and cheekbones, these paints and cosmetic accents can support the fairy style. Adults can also use non toxic glues, available through face paint outlets, to attach paste-on sequins, rhinestones and other flat-backed jewels. The drugstore cosmetic counter also offers some glitter and shimmer powders and eyeshadows which can be added to the fairy face paint motif.

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