Halloween Cute Party Crafts With Food

by Sheryl Faber
Halloween decorations are not all just for show - some are edible.

Halloween decorations are not all just for show - some are edible.

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Halloween is the perfect time for kids to create funny and creepy decorations for the home and family. Encouraging them to take this same creativity to the kitchen will give the entire household or party some edible culinary masterpieces. Simple food items can be transformed into funky, freaky fare in no time at all.

Hot Dog Mummies

For a special Halloween treat, create hot dog mummies by winding thin strips of puff pastry around regular hot dogs. Bake for eight to 10 minutes or until golden brown and then dot two tiny drops of mustard for eyes on the upper end of each. Serve with ketchup, relish and more mustard. For extra flavor, you can use cheese-filled hot dogs or sausage hot dogs.

Deviled Egg Eyes

Add colorful foods and candies to regular deviled eggs to make them ultra-creepy. Add black licorice whip eyelashes, raisin pupils and red pepper or pimiento spots for an eerie eyeball display at the table. A small drop of red food coloring will make tiny veins for an extra scary effect.

Skeleton Animals

Make or purchase plain or gingerbread cookies in the shapes of animals and people. Fill a pastry bag with white icing and, using a very fine tip, pipe the icing on the cookies in the shape of each figure's skeleton bones.

Ghoulish Hands

Purchase clear, inexpensive plastic gloves in the smallest size available. Push candy corn into the ends of each finger and thumb for colorful fingernails. Fill each with fresh popcorn or caramel corn and secure wrists with orange and black curling balloon ribbon. Lay out on a tray at the serving table, fingers pointing at the diners.

Creepy Cupcakes

Cupcakes are simple and fast to decorate for any Halloween party or event. Use red and yellow food coloring to make orange icing. Purchase plastic spiders, skeletons, pumpkins and other decorations to top the cupcakes. Be very careful not to use tiny figures and decorations that small children can choke on. Or make pumpkin cupcakes by piping green icing eyes and smiles on the orange icing. Another decoration option is to top cupcakes with pumpkin candies or Halloween-shaped fruit snacks.

Food Labeling

Before inviting guests to the buffet table, give your Halloween creations some innovative and spine-tingling labels on small decorated table tents in front of the serving trays and pans. For example, the deviled eggs could become "Monster Eyeballs" and the cookies "Pet Cemetery Skeletons" for a sinister Halloween effect.

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