Halloween Attractions in Marlboro, New Jersey

by Elaine Anderson
C. Casola Farms offers several Halloween attractions in Marlboro.

C. Casola Farms offers several Halloween attractions in Marlboro.

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In the small township of Marlboro, New Jersey, C. Casola Farms is the seat of spooky Halloween attractions on weekends in October. The farm offers visitors the opportunity to pick their own pumpkins, walk the Haunted Wooded Trail, experience the 3-D Haunted Barn and take a Haunted Hayride. You can also come to the farm for Halloween and pick your own pumpkin, tour the property in a covered hayride and visit the shop and restaurant for refreshments and souvenirs. Young children are admitted at parents' discretion.

Haunted Trail

The Haunted Trail is sure to give visitors a fright as they walk carefully down a path leading into the deep New Jersey woods. With little light to show their way, visitors will be subjected to sights and sounds erupting from the tree branches that will create a hair-raising experience. The trail uses a mixture of animatronics and live actors to infuse the wooded area with eerie experiences.

Haunted Barn

A normal, everyday barn is transformed into a harrowing Halloween attraction for guests visiting C. Casola Farm. During the rest of the year, C. Casola farm is known for its agri-tourism but around Halloween the barn is transformed into a haunted house where creaking floorboards are the least of your worries. Ghouls and goblins hang from the walls and ceilings and lurk in the shadows as visitors explore the barn and all of the creepiness it has to offer.

Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride takes visitors on a half-hour ride through the property that exposes them to all manner of frightening experiences for a truly scary Halloween night. You and family and friends can pile into the back of the horse drawn cart that will become the only thing separating you from what lurks beyond. Once the half-hour is over, you may not have a colored hair left on your head.

Pumpkin Picking

C. Casola farms also offers families the opportunity to pick their own pumpkins and take covered wagon tours of the farm property. You can also take a shot at completing the corn maze and if that wears you out, refreshments are sold at the Witches Brew. Novelty Halloween items and souvenirs are also sold at the Hauntingly Delightful Seasonal Bootique and this experience is one that parents and children can enjoy alike.


As of 2011, guests can purchase tickets for all attractions in group packages (15 or more people at $34 per person for the VIP pass to avoid lines and $25 per person for the general group price) or individually at $27 per person. If you want to visit only one of the attractions, the hayride and the haunted trail are $12 per person and the barn is $9 per person. Finally, an individual speed pass for all attractions is $36.

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