Hair Bows Made With Feathers

by Emma Rensch
A hair bow can complement an outfit.

A hair bow can complement an outfit.

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You can purchase many beauty accessories online and through retail stores. These come in a variety of aesthetics and are available in many price ranges. However, you can maintain complete creative control over your hair accessories by making your own feathered hair bows. Save money by creating the perfect hair bow to complement your wardrobe or give as a gift.

Choosing a Fixture

Select a plain hair clip or barrette to use as a fixture for your feathered hair bow. Purchase a metal clip at a beauty supply store, and ensure that it does not have any sharp edges that can snag or rip your hair. If you find sharp edges on your clip, smooth them out with a nail file. Ensure that your hair clip features a flat metal surface where you can glue decorative feathers and bows.

Choosing Feathers

When creating your own feathered hair bows, the feathers you select determine the quality and durability of your accessories. Choose feathers in colors that complement one another. You may choose to purchase dyed feathers or natural colors, some of which maintain the print of the bird that the feather comes from. Many varieties are available at most craft stores. Select feathers that are long and thick rather than short and wispy. Since you are creating a hair bow that appears to be made entirely from feathers, it is important to use sturdy feathers that can entirely cover the hair fixture and will not disintegrate with wear.


Make a drawing of what you want your feathered hair bow to look like. Having a design plan before you begin gluing everything in place will help you develop an attractive final product. For example, consider building the feathers around a central bow. Use your planning sketch to decide what colors of ribbon to use to make the bow and what colors of feathers to place in each location along the hair clip. Visualizing your project will also help you ensure that you have the appropriate supplies before you begin.


Tie a piece of ribbon into the shape of a bow and pin it in place in the center of the plain hair clip. Apply enough glue to the center of the bow to ensure that it lies flat. Once the glue has dried, glue feather all over the clip in a decorative pattern. You can fold them into loops that mirror the bow, making it appear feathered, or glue them to the loose ends of the bow as extensions. Allow the glue to dry before fastening the clip in your hair or wrapping it to give to a friend.


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