Gymnastics Party Games

by Annabeth Kaine
Go to the mat for your little girl by hosting a gymnastics party.

Go to the mat for your little girl by hosting a gymnastics party.

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You can give your little acrobat an event to remember by hosting a gymnastics-themed party. Consider that not all of your guests will be as limber as your child and could have difficulty with more advanced gymnastic games. Keep the activities on the simple side while incorporating the gymnastics theme.

Pin the Flag on the Gymnast

For pin-the-flag-on-the-gymnast, start with a full-sized poster of the birthday child, an instructor or other gymnast. Cut out a "flag" for each party guest. Make each flag a six- to seven-inch square. For an added touch, use Olympic or national colors for each flag. Blindfold each guest for their turn and let them try to get the flag in the gymnast's hand.

Balloon Stomp

The balloon stomp will get your guests dancing and laughing while trying to protect their own balloons. Each guest requires five balloons and five pieces of yarn or string. Tie one balloon to the ankle, wrist and waist of every guest. Turn on the music and let the kids stomp around. While trying to pop other guests' balloons, each child must protect her own. The child with the last remaining balloon wins.

Tumbling Contest

Challenge young athletes alike with a tumbling contest. Designate an area of your yard or house for tumbling time and encourage guests to complete somersaults, cartwheels and hand-stands. Give points for creativity, style and form, since not everyone will be at the same athletic level. Add a trampoline to get little guests moving and help small kids with rollovers and flips. For added giggles, ask guests to hop backwards on foot for 10 steps, or to throw and catch balls while turning in circles.

Balance Beam

Use a balance beam as a party game. If you do not have a balance beam, make one with a long board, old blankets and duct tape. The tape keeps the "padding" from sliding off of the board. Use one to four bricks to raise the beam off the ground and challenge each child to make his way across the balance beam. Younger children might have a harder time with this. For older kids, up the challenge by requiring them to walk backwards, sideways, on one foot or blindfolded.

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