Gymnastic Party Invitations You Can Make

by Erin Ringwald
Create a gymnastics-themed invitation for your next party.

Create a gymnastics-themed invitation for your next party.

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Whether you are planning a party for a gymnastics team or a themed party for your little tumbler, making invitations with a gymnastics theme saves you time from searching for the perfect store-bought invitation. Using gymnastic props and equipment as inspiration, make your own invitations using products found at your local craft store.

Gold Medals

When planning a party for a gymnastics team to celebrate their recent competition, make gold medal invitations. Use a round cookie cutter to trace a 4-inch diameter circle on a piece of cardstock and cut it out. Spray-paint both sides of the cutout using metallic gold paint. Once the paint dries, write the party information on one side and "First Place" on the other. Attach a 12-inch piece of blue ribbon to the medal to finish the invitation.


Using rubber stamps is another way to create a gymnastic-themed invitation. Look for stamps at your local craft store with gymnasts doing splits or on a balance beam, or even rubber stamps that say "Gymnastics" with images of gymnasts surrounding the word. Fold pieces of colored cardstock into 4-by-6-inch rectangles and stamp the images on the cardstock using colored ink pads. If you wish, color the images using colored pencils or markers. Write your party information on the inside of the cards.

Balance Beam

An apparatus used in gymnastics is the balance beam. Create an invitation with a balance beam and little gymnasts on it. Start with a 5-by-7-inch piece of cardstock. Draw a balance beam and gymnasts on the cardstock. Alternatively, use scrapbook stickers of gymnasts and place them on the drawn balance beam. Either write the party information on the front of the card or, if you prefer, turn the card over and add the information on the back.


Photographs give you an option of creating an invitation with little effort on your part. Take a photograph of your child performing a gymnastic move, such as a ribbon routine or walking on a balance beam. If taking your own picture is not an option, locate a gymnastics-themed image on a free photo-sharing site. Print the image on your home photo printer or at your local drugstore. After printing one photograph for each guest, write the party information on the back and mail them as you would a postcard.

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