Gunsmithing Tools for Hunting

by Emrah Oruc
Proper gun care in the field can extend your hunt.

Proper gun care in the field can extend your hunt.

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Hunters spend time and money to get out in the field during the season. After spending money on travel, tags and time off from work, the last thing a hunter wants is for their hunt to be cut short due to gun problems. Snow, dirt, sand, mud or stuck or broken shell casings can all render a gun inoperable, ending the hunt for the day. Having the proper tools to repair or clean your firearm in the field is important. By keeping these compact, useful tools in your backpack, guns can be cleaned, obstructions cleared and the hunt can resume.

The Gun Tool

The Gun Tool is a multi-tool with eighteen tools and functions. It includes a knife, pin punch, magnetic screwdriver with assorted flat head, Allen, Phillips and Torx bits, and a universal choke wrench. The pin punch can be used to remove and disassemble trigger housings, while the assorted bits let you remove or install scope bases and rings. The Gun Tool is compact enough to store in any backpack or even a fanny pack or jacket pocket.

Remington 1911 Tool

Handgun hunting is growing in popularity. Weapons include 1911-style pistols, especially when chambered in a potent caliber such as the 10mm. The Remington 1911 tool is a folding multi-tool that incorporates many implements necessary to work on the 1911. The pliers jaws double as a bushing wrench, and the punch can push out mainspring housing and hammer pins. The tool also has replaceable screwdriver tips, a file and a semi-serrated knife. This tool is designed for the 1911, but can be used on many firearms.

Otis Compact Cleaning Kit

High-volume shooting (such as on a dove or varmint hunt) and cold, snowy, rainy weather can wreak havoc with your gun. Carbon buildup in the action, powder or copper fouling in the bore, rust or lack of lubrication can quickly jam a gun. The Otis Compact Cleaning Kit is small enough to be carried in your daypack for field use, or at the end of the day back at camp. It includes a caliber-specific cleaning cable and jags, solvent and oil.

Rapid Rod

The Rapid Rod is a folding barrel-obstruction clearing tool. Comprised of multiple sections that are bungeed together, they fit into one another (like modern folding tent poles) and lock to become one long, rigid rod. The rod is designed to push out stuck shell casings in the chamber and mud, snow, ice or dirt in the bore. It comes in a sheath and is compact enough to store in your pocket.

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