Guitar Straps for Kids

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Most adult guitar straps can be adjusted sufficiently to make them suitable for children.

Most adult guitar straps can be adjusted sufficiently to make them suitable for children.

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Many types of guitar straps exist, and choosing the right one for your child means looking at the different lengths, styles, materials and widths of the guitar straps available. Guitar straps attach to the top and bottom of the guitar's body and are used to hold the guitar at a comfortable playing height when the player is standing. Learning about the different aspects of choosing a guitar strap can help you get the right one for your child.


The main issue with finding a suitable guitar strap for a child is the length of the strap. Choose a guitar strap that has an adjustable buckle on it. If your child is particularly young, you may wish to choose a specialized kids' guitar strap, which generally adjusts up to a maximum of 38 inches in length. Guitar straps with a buckle can be adjusted to almost half their size, so most adult guitar straps can be shortened to about 27 inches if necessary. If this is too long for your child, you may have to get a child's guitar strap. The guitar strap should hold the instrument at roughly the same height as it would if the child were sitting down and playing -- just above the hips. Adult straps can go up to a maximum length of about 54 inches.


Three materials are commonly used for guitar straps: leather, cotton and polyester. Cotton guitar straps and polyester guitar straps are less expensive but are not as durable as leather straps. Aside from the lower price, the benefit of cotton and polyester guitar straps is that they generally are more adjustable because leather straps have set holes in them, like a belt. Cotton and polyester straps have a freely adjustable buckle, which can be moved to any location on the strap to adjust the size. This means you can virtually halve the length of any strap using this type of buckle; the adjustment options are not limited as they are with leather straps, which have set holes. Cotton and polyester straps also are more likely than leather straps to bear a design your child may like; leather straps are generally blank or have minimal design aspects.


Guitar straps can be found with a variety of designs on them. Decide on the desired design of guitar strap based on the color and style of your child's guitar, and the type of music your child likes. For example, skull-and-crossbones designs are more suitable for a child who likes to play punk or heavy rock music.


The level of comfort the guitar strap provides is heavily dependent upon the width of the strap. Generally, a wider strap will spread the weight of the guitar out over a larger surface area, thus making it more comfortable. Most straps are about 2 inches wide, but Guitar Strap City claims that the most comfortable straps are 3 to 4 inches wide.

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