How to Take a Guitar to Europe

by Mel Frank
Lossen your guitar strings before shipping to Europe.

Lossen your guitar strings before shipping to Europe.

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If you are performing in Europe or simply cannot live without your guitar, you must figure out how to safely transport the guitar. Tossing the guitar into your regular luggage and expecting to make it in and out of baggage claim safely is a huge risk, and a risk that typically ends in an expensive repair or replacement. Instead, get the guitar to Europe safely by using the proper techniques.

Items you will need

  • Duffel bag
  • Shipping box
  • Padding, socks, shirts and/or newspaper
Step 1

Loosen the guitar strings to prevent them from breaking.

Step 2

Place the guitar in a large carry-on-sized duffel bag, and attempt to get the guitar on the plane as carry-on luggage. Call the airline ahead for permission and policy information, or attempt to wing it but make sure you have little to no additional carry-on luggage when boarding your flight.

Step 3

Package the guitar securely in a shipping box. You can easily get one of these boxes from a local music or guitar store. Make sure you heavily pad the guitar inside of the box with t-shirts, socks, padding, newspaper, any anything else you have on hand to provide the maximum protection.

Step 4

Check the guitar at baggage claim, and pick it up quickly when you arrive in Europe. Pick up the guitar as soon as you see it at baggage claim, as the longer it sits on the conveyor belt the more time a thief has to steal your guitar.

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