Guide to "Two Worlds" for Xbox

by Brenton Shields

"Two Worlds" is a fantasy role playing game for the Xbox 360 as well as the PC. In it, you play as a customizable character on your quest to save your sister from the god of Fire. There are numerous side quests, options, friends and enemies to make.


"Two Worlds" takes place in the fictional world of Antaloor. There are numerous caves, villages and small towns to visit as well as plenty of wilderness. The game is an "open world" RPG akin to "The Elder Scrolls" or "Fallout" series, where the player is free to roam the world and complete the story at his own pace. The game is divided into two worlds: a human world and an orc world.


The player can either continue along the main quest line as a bounty hunter in the search for her sister or take the time to participate in numerous side quests. The side quests can be accessed by talking to random NPCs, or non-playable characters, scattered throughout the game world. Some quests involved escorting NPCs to nearby towns or fetching much-needed ingredients. When you die after engaging with an enemy, you will be resurrected at shrines scattered throughout the game world.


"Two Worlds" does not used fixed character classes as found in many other RPG games, where you select your character's specialization at the beginning of the game. Instead, as you complete quests and earn experience points, you can spend those points on any skills you want as you level up. If you decide you want to swap points, you can find "skill changers" in numerous towns that will allow you to swap points from one skill toward another for certain fees.


You can create your own potions and traps if you spend experience points on your alchemy skill. You can combine ingredients that you pull off animal corpses, from plants, gems or minerals taken from fallen enemies, or purchased in shops to create various materials. Some potions only have temporary effects like regenerating some health. Others have more permanent effects like increasing your strength or speed throughout the remainder of the game.


There are seven different factions scattered throughout the game world that the player can join to engage in unique missions and earn specialized items and increased status. The Brotherhood faction is made up of mercenaries. The Society is a guild specializing in magic. The Merchants Guild is a faction full of shopkeepers and traders. The Girizia is a thieves' club. The Necromancers specialize in meddling with the dead. And the House Skelden and Karga Clan are two competing political factions in the human world.