Guessing Games for a Kid's Party

by Megan Kelly
Play guessing games to keep guests on their toes.

Play guessing games to keep guests on their toes.

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Hosting a party can be an enjoyable event that requires planning and party game ideas. When hosting a party for your child, plan a few guessing games for him and his friends to play together to liven the party and produce hours of laughter and enjoyable memories.

Two Truths One Lie

This game requires kids to think logically about what they know about their friends and family members. Have the children sit in a circle facing each other and instruct them to think of two truthful things about themselves and one lie about themselves. Have the children tell their two truths and one lie to the other children in the circle, and instruct the group to try to guess which statement is the lie. An example of some statements include "I was born in Kentucky, I have two dogs and my favorite music is Rock music." This game is sure to produce laughter from all involved.

Guess the Food

Gather several different food items from around your house and blindfold the children. Give each child a piece of food and have them guess what kind of food it is after taking a bite. Some food items you can try are cookies, crackers, fruits, vegetables and condiments. Whoever guesses the most foods correctly is the winner.


Charades is a word guessing game that requires fast thinking and sharp observational skills. Write down several simple phrases on different slips of paper and put them into a hat. Some example phrases include movie titles, occupations or animals. Separate the children into two different groups and instruct one child from the first team to choose a slip of paper from the hat and set a watch timer to two minutes. The child must then act out the phrase without speaking or making noises. It is up to his team to try to guess what phrase he is trying to pantomime before his two minutes are up. If his team guesses correctly before time runs out, a point is earned. The first team to reach 10 points wins.

Guess the Shadow

Test the children's abilities to identify shapes and objects by having them collectively guess what images you create with shadow puppets. Set up a flashlight across from a large, blank wall and turn off the lights. Make different shadow puppet figures with your hands or sheets of paper and instruct the children to guess what objects you're making. This will enhance their ability to discern between different shapes and figures.

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