Groundhog Day Craft Using Paper Bags

by Sarah Freeman
Use pictures of real groundhogs as inspiration for your crafts.

Use pictures of real groundhogs as inspiration for your crafts.

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Every Feb. 2, the nation waits for a small groundhog named Phil to emerge from his underground home. Whether he sees his shadow is said to determine the weather to come. Celebrate the holiday by creating some groundhog crafts. You'll need little more than a paper bag to bring to life creative and entertaining Groundhog Day projects.


Turn a plain paper lunch bag into a groundhog puppet using some construction paper and glue. Draw a groundhog's head on a piece of brown construction paper. Include the animal's small rounded ears, round eyes, black nose and whiskers. Also draw a mouth with a bottom chin. Color in the shape, then snip it out, cutting through the mouth to separate the chin and top of the jaw. Glue the top portion to the bottom side of the bag, and the chin part just below where the bottom flap rests on the bag's side. Add some extra detail by drawing a tongue and teeth underneath the flap. Stick your hand inside and move the flap up and down to make your puppet look like it's talking.


Re-create Phil, the famed groundhog, emerging from his burrow using a paper bag. Draw a groundhog on a piece of paper that's smaller than the bottom side of your paper bag. Glue this image onto a Popsicle stick. Also, make a slice along the bottom edge of the paper bag. Place the stick figure inside the bag and slip it through the slit. Use your hand to move the groundhog up and down from this brown bag burrow.


Celebrate Groundhog Day by dressing up like the holiday's namesake. Using a paper grocery bag, cut out a circle that's about the size of your face. Draw the groundhog's features onto this space, including where you'll cut out the eye holes and mouth hole. Use scrap pieces of the paper bag to create two rounded ears, which you can glue on the top edge of the mask. Snip out the eye and mouth holes, as well as two small holes on the left and right side. String a ribbon through the side holes and tie the mask over your face.


While Phil the Groundhog will be looking for his shadow, you can experiment with your own by drawing shadow outlines on a paper bag. Begin by opening your paper bag along the seams, so that it become a long sheet of paper. Go outside and tape the paper to a wall or fence that you will cast a shadow upon. Stand in front of the paper and make a pose, and have a friend trace your outline onto the paper bag. Use your entire body to create the shape of a groundhog, or make the shape of the creature with your hands.

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