Groom Questionnaire for a Bridal Shower Game

by Kate Stringer
Bridal showers are a special time for relaxing and enjoying friends.

Bridal showers are a special time for relaxing and enjoying friends.

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Perhaps one of the most exciting times in life is that of planning and preparing for a wedding. If you are a friend of the bride and are helping throw a shower, you'll want to schedule in some fun games. One fun game is where the groom is asked a series of questions beforehand, then the bride has to guess the answer that the groom gave. This game can add fun and laughs to your shower and reveal just how well the bride and groom really know each other.

Favorites Questions

Ask the groom what his "favorites" are, such as foods, activities, people, books, movies, colors, animals, movie stars and whatever else you can think of. Then ask him what the bride's favorites are in each category.

How We Met Questions

Ask the groom his version of how he met the bride. Ask for details like location, time, date and other surrounding circumstances. Ask what stands out in his mind the most about the first meeting.

Memorable Dates/Engagement Story Questions

Ask the groom what the couple's most memorable dates were, where and when they were, and why they stand out in his mind. Ask him for details surrounding the engagement such as time, date, location and any other special circumstances.

Scenario Questions

Come up with scenarios and ask the groom what the bride's response would likely be in each case. Be creative and include things like in-laws, either-or choice scenarios, old friends, work situations -- anything you can think of. Compile the groom's answers, and then at the shower ask the bride for her answers and what she thinks the groom's responses were. These types of questions, and how closely the bride and groom are to getting each other's responses, will provide lots of laughs at the bridal shower.

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