Greek Mythology Party Games

by Faith Chandler
Zeus was the ruler of the Greek gods.

Zeus was the ruler of the Greek gods.

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Ancient Greece was a culture rich in myth and art. Many of their practices grew out of mythical history. It is believed the Olympics were established to honor the god Zeus, while storytelling and theater itself were developed to tell the people about the Greek gods' adventures and pursuits. Party hosts looking for Greek myth party game ideas will find this history is inspiration for their event.

Hold the Olympics

The Greek Olympics were held at Olympia every four years, but you can hold your own set of Greek games for a party. Popular events in the Olympics were the footraces; boxing and wrestling matches; the discus throw; and the long jump. Devise your own modern day equivalents for some of these events to keep party guests happy. A sprint around the yard determines the fastest runner. A Frisbee throw shows who can throw the farthest and a long jump determines the person with the strongest legs. Award your winners in a ceremony with foil-covered chocolate coins.

Greek Trivia Game

Not everyone's skills are related to their strength. Some people are most focused on the mind. Test your guests' brains with a Greek trivia game. Divide the guests into two or more teams. Make up a series of questions related to ancient Greek myths and gods. Assign points to questions answered correctly and at the end of the game tally them up. The team with the most correctly answered questions wins prizes.

Name that Greek God

Put a twist on the classic game of "Who Am I?" Invite your guests to a costume party and assign each of them a Greek god to represent. They aren't allowed to tell each other who they will be playing either. At the party, the guests should wear costumes and act like the gods they are playing. At the end of the party, guests can guess who each other is playing or just try to work it out during the event for some extra party fun.

Greek Myth Storytelling

Finish up that party with some classic Greek storytelling. The ancient Greeks had a rich history of oral storytelling. Set up a fire outside and gather your guests around it. Pick out a couple of good Greek myths and tell your guests a story. Parts of the Odyssey, and shorter myths like those involving Eros and Psyche are appropriate for storytelling with younger guests. The Odyssey is filled with many tales of adventure, while Eros and Psyche is a tale of love and dedication. You can also encourage other guests to get up and read aloud some myths of their own choosing.

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