Greek Gods Party Theme

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A party theme after the Greek gods is a fun way to relive the legends of antiquity.

A party theme after the Greek gods is a fun way to relive the legends of antiquity.

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When planning your next party, dazzle your family and friends by hosting an evening themed after the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. The Greeks' rich tradition of mythology, culture and the arts is an excellent source of inspiration for organizing an event harkening back to the age of antiquity.


Invite your guests according to ancient tradition by hand writing each invitation on parchment, rolling it up and securing it with a string. Include the date, time and place of the party as well as RSVP instructions. Indicate that all guests should arrive dressed in the majestic attire of Greek gods and goddesses such as Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus; Dionysus, god of wine and festivals; or Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

Food and Drinks

Delight your guests by serving classic Greek dishes such as chicken with sweet red peppers; baked stuffed calamari; spinach, bean and feta casseroles; stuffed grape leaves; and Greek salads with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onions and feta. As an accompaniment, offer a selection of red and white wines from Greece's various wine-producing regions.


Teleport your guests back in time by converting your home into a Greek temple. Start by covering all furniture with fabrics in the colors of classical Greece: white, purple and burgundy. Place columns, statues, terracotta urns, classical busts and other adornments from the age throughout the venue and cover them in ivy. Apply gold spray paint on fixtures to create a luxuriant finish and dramatic effect. Finally, set a mystical mood by lighting the venue with candles and oil-burning lamps.


Delight your guests with music dating from the time of the ancient Greeks. If you have the means, hire a professional musician to play the lyre, cithara, barbitos, phorminx, epigonion, pandouris or another musical instrument from the era. Alternatively, play a recording that faithfully reproduces these sounds or opt for one of their modern day cousins such as the guitar or harp.

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