Great Places for Baby Showers in California

by Brianna Collins

Reported to have started as a way to "shower" expectant mothers with love and support, many people still continue the baby shower tradition of having a women-only tea party. Still, this is certainly not the only way to celebrate a shower, and those planning for an expectant mother have plenty of options and locations to hold a baby shower in California. This includes specially-devoted facilities, country clubs, state parks or in the home.

Party Facilities

For those looking for a more elegant shower, California offers a number of specially devoted facilities that cater to each expectant mother and her friends. A Dash of Panache ( is one such place. Offering traditional tea parties in the facility's French-Deco styled tea parlor, A Dash of Panache also offers games, tea-party themed foods and even a costume closet for more rowdy groups. Other venues that are appropriate to host showers include local country clubs and party houses, though they may require a little dressing up.


Another good place to celebrate a bridal shower is at a restaurant. Many California restaurants welcome guests to celebrate special occasions over lunch or dinner, including the popular restaurant chain The Cheesecake Factory ( Originating in California, this restaurant chain has locations across the state. Servers here take many steps to make sure that every event is celebrated properly, offering custom decorations on cheesecake slices for special occasions. The company also offers many different kinds of teas and desserts for those looking to celebrate a baby shower in a traditional way. Other restaurants in California that welcome showers and other celebrations include Hobbee's (, which has nine locations in California and offers home-style food in a casual setting, and the Il Tiramisu Ristorante ( in Los Angeles, which has a more elegant menu selection and setting.


For any expectant mother that loves the outdoors, nature might be another great place to hold a shower. California offers a multitude of beautiful outdoor venues for such celebrations, including many of its state parks. Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, Emerald Bay near South Lake Tahoe, and Silverwood Lake in southern California all welcome guests looking to celebrate. These parks feature pavilions or picnic areas that shower organizers can reserve for the occasion, though they must typically pay a fee in order to use them. Still, being able to celebrate in the fresh air might be the ideal setting for some soon-to-be mothers. However, it's always a good idea to have a backup plan or to reserve an indoor pavilion in case of inclement weather.

At Home

For some groups, however, somebody's home might be the best location for a bridal shower. Here, groups have the most amount of control regarding decorations, food and games. Additionally, there is no time restriction at home, which may be particularly important for groups of friends that like to chat. And, for those who want control over decorations and games but who aren't particularly fond of cooking, California features plenty of businesses that are happy to cater to bridal showers in the home. This includes baby shower catering from The French Gourmet Restaurant in San Diego (, which features fresh fruit baskets, breads, coffees and plenty of desserts in addition to traditional, French-inspired meals.

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