How to Grease a Trumpet

by Henry Francis
Trumpets that are not well-maintained can rust and become unplayable.

Trumpets that are not well-maintained can rust and become unplayable. Images

Zachary Music recommends that trumpet players grease their slides at least once a month. Maintaining well-lubricated slides is just one aspect of keeping your trumpet in excellent working condition, which enhances its playability, sound and longevity. Use a trumpet-specific greasing product and get your hands messy when greasing your slides, as this is the quickest, easiest and best way to lubricate your slides.

Items you will need

  • Old newspaper
  • Slide grease
  • Paper towels (optional)
Step 1

Remove all of the slides from your trumpet. Ease the slides out using even, careful handling. Excessively heaving slides can lead to fractures in the trumpet body, causing irrevocable damage.

Step 2

Lay down some old newspaper flat on a surface so you don't cause a mess with your slide grease. Place the slides on top of the newspaper before you turn your attention to each individual slide.

Step 3

Apply a thin film of slide grease onto the surface of your slides before rubbing it around with your fingertips, which will get greasy, to ensure there is an even, thin coverage of grease.

Step 4

Return the slide to its holster and push it fully in. Wipe away any excess grease with your fingers or paper towels to make sure you leave a neat finish.

Step 5

Repeat this process once each month to ensure your trumpet continues in good working order.

Tips & Warnings

  • You should never force your slides from the trumpet's main body. Trumpets are put together using solder joints, which you will break if you use excess force. If you find a slide is stuck, take it to a professional music shop or trumpet repairman.
  • Remember that you should grease all but the first and third valve slides, as these are "fast slides" and, as such, should be oiled.

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