Grapevine Christmas Tree Project

by Brenda Priddy

A Christmas tree made of grapevine is a rustic Christmas decoration that fits in well with an old-fashioned Christmas theme. The tree can add festivity indoors or outdoors, since it is made from natural materials. The best base for a grapevine Christmas tree is an old gardening tomato cage turned upside down. This forms a cone-shape that works well as a Christmas tree.


For this project, you only need a few supplies. You should purchase 15 to 20 yards of grapevine from a craft store. Make sure the grapevine comes in different thicknesses for a more natural look. You will also need a tomato cage as the base frame for the tree. Craft foam will help stabilize the cage while you construct the Christmas tree. You will also want to have craft wire and metal cutters on hand. Purchase some Christmas lights, ornaments, pine cones, berries or greenery to use as decoration on the tree.


Soak the grapevine overnight in water. Position the tomato cage upside down. Push the wires into craft foam to steady the cage. Cut eight pieces of grapevine equal to the length of the tomato cage. Tie these pieces between the vertical metal pieces of the tomato cage with craft wire. Evenly space the grapevine pieces around the circumference of the cage. Wrap a long piece of grapevine around the tomato cage starting at the top and working your way down. Weave the vine horizontally around the vertical grapevine pieces. Weave the vine over one piece, then under the next piece. This will stabilize the vine and cage. Push the vines close together so that a basket-like shape is made around the tomato cage. You should not be able to see the cage through the vines. When you get to the end of a piece of grapevine, tuck it into the layers of the previous pieces to secure it in place.


Allow the grapevine to dry for 48 hours. Remove the foam from the bottom of the tree. The tree should be sturdy enough to stand on its own after adding the grapevine. Decorate the grapevine Christmas tree with ornaments, Christmas lights, pine cones, berries or holiday greenery. Use one decorative item only, or use a combination of items for a fuller look.


If desired, dispose of the tree after one year. Grapevines and tomato cages are inexpensive and a tree of this size can be a challenge to store. If you decide to store it for future use, store it in a dry location after the holidays. Place the tree in a large plastic bag or tree storage bag purchased at a holiday store to prevent dust and bugs from getting on the tree.